Strengthen Your Aura – Simple Effective Methods Of Physical Regulations

Here we will discuss the true nature of psychic self defense, what it means to have an aura, who has it and how it can be developed to serve a person better in life, bringing more meaning to one’s existence.

An aura is the reflection of your inner self and everything in this world has an aura; everything that contains matter has secret energy within it even though it may not be apparent while some people or objects may have a more visible luminescence due to having a stronger psychic self defense.

An aura can be of different shapes, sizes and colors but they all reflect combined negative and positive energies and physical and mental state of a person. Some common auras are typically red, orange, pink, blue, black, green, brown, silver or yellow. Of these, lighter yellow is indicative of harmony with self and spiritual intensity, orange is associated with zest for life and vibrancy, red indicates passionate nature that is adventurous while blue signifies peace and tranquility. Black is negative as is a shade of dark green while white auras stand for purity and peace and is thus the color that philosophers suggest one should imagine surrounding them (also golden), if they wish to build up their store of positive energies.

Thus, an aura can reflect both negative and positive feelings within a person and is indicative of an individual’s level of reaction to stress, poor physical health, negative vibes and habits besides other positive or negative connotations. In order to lead a more meaningful, happy and productive life in tune with our inner needs that will help define our true worth and help us live in conjunction with our unique sense of divinity, we need to work on our auras, so they become stronger and always work as a protective psychic self defense to alert us of any harm and guide us in our quest to our higher consciousness.

One simple way to strengthen the aura is to sun-bathe; even just lounging in sunlight can make the aura stronger as the sun is believed to be the source of all life-force and promotes a healthy body, which is not possible without a healthy mind that is given positive vibes by being in happy sunlight.

Regular physical exercise, eating a balanced diet full of green leafy vegetables and fresh fruit, abstaining from substance abuse such as alcohol, drugs and cigarettes and eliminating stress-factors or negative people will all help to strengthen the aura.

You can also heal a dispirited aura by incorporating these methods besides practicing daily meditation, chanting positive mantras, trying out simple breathing and yoga techniques and even through mindful contemplation on a far-away object.

Listen to soothing music, take in abiding and fresh fragrances of natural herbs and wear or carry double terminated quartz to strengthen your aura; self focus is your way to finding your true inner self and building your psychic self defense in a customized way. Choose what suits you – and stick with the method for your own self-realization and staying in the light!

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