I want to start growing herbs and using them in cooking?

My family has never used a lot of herbs in cooking, but I love almost every herb I’ve tried. I would love to have tips on what herbs taste good with different foods, Also, any advice on growing my own herbs indoors would be great! Thanks!

4 thoughts on “I want to start growing herbs and using them in cooking?

  1. I would put them in small pots by themselves, some herbs multiply like crazy– like spearmint and cilantro. You probably don’t want them mixing all around.

  2. You can grow them indoors in a pot on the window sill. Basil is good in spaghetti sauce. Parsley for meatballs

  3. At Christmas-time, you see a lot of windowsill herb kits and even those Chia pet herb kits available. Herbs are easy to grow indoors in a sunny windowsill away from cold drafts, but remember that the indoor humidity is low this time of year and the plants can droop and dry out quickly.

    Here’s a simple guide from Chia, with usage tips- http://www.buying-chia-pets.com/herb-garden-indoor.html

    And another general one- http://www.herbalgardens.com/articles/indoor-herb-garden.html

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