6 thoughts on “Astrology Consultation

  1. Allow me to use my experience and expertise in astrology of over 33 years to help you unlock the potential of the stars and make the most of every day…
    Just Email me your Date of Birth, Your Full Name, Time Of Birth and Place of Birth at mnak.nabeel@gmail.com and donate $ 1 to my Paypal Account using the donate button on my website page.As soon as I get $ 1 You get all your details
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  2. i wouldn’t associate the word love with pisces & cancer. intuitive would be more appropriate, but i always thought venus associated with what love is all about, via Taurus & Libra.

  3. FINNALLY! A video shows that astrology really is, and not those sun sign only things.

  4. Swit Swooo, you’re coming up in the world Adrian! 😉

    These videos are a fantastic idea, so much can be learned from them.


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