3 thoughts on “[chinese astrology] I’m the year of the Pig. what signs are compatible and incompatible with me?

  1. Compatibility

    Pigs are most compatible with a Rabbit or Goat and incompatible with the Monkey and Snake.

    Tiger and Boar (pig)
    Secure and successful match. Will find love and happiness together, Very cooperative relationships in love and business.

  2. You guys are compatible. Also take into consideration the zodiac sign. To know both chinese and zodiac signs for compatibility are a great tool!! Good luck!

  3. Generally the Pig gets along with the Rabbit and the Sheep. But you have to consider what elements are also involved.
    For example, a fire Pig will not get along well with a metal Rabbit very well because fire destroys metal.Etc.
    Pig and Tiger can get along with some effort. The Tiger is brash and the Pig is very emotional. Often there are problems with finances and bossing each other around or attempts to re-sculpt one another.

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