Chiropractor Villa Park IL | Holistic Medicine Treatment for Pregnancy Back Pain

Back pain during pregnancy can steal some of the joy and excitement that comes with this special time in a woman’s life. When the pain is intense, you want to find some relief quickly, but there are so many restrictions about what over the counter medicines you can safely take when you are pregnant. This is where holistic medicines and treatments can be used to provide safe, effective relief without causing potential harm to the growing fetus. Causes of Pregnancy Back Pain – Your aching back during pregnancy can be caused by a whole host of issues including: ” Change in your hormones and the increase in a hormone called “relaxin” causes the ligaments in your pubic area to soften. This explains why you sometimes feel unstable when you move around. ”

Your growing belly shifts your center of gravity, stretching out and weakening those abdominal muscles that support your lower back. ” The weight you have gained is putting more stress on your muscles and joints. ” Your growing uterus could cause sharp pain if it’s pressing down on a nerve. The following are some safe treatment options for pregnancy back pain: Exercise – Muscles and ligaments help support the joints in your body, but given the fact that the ligaments supporting your pelvic area are softened and relaxed during pregnancy, you need to do all that you can to strengthen those muscles that support the pelvis and lower back. This will help both during labor and after the baby is born. Walking, swimming, and riding a bike are good, safe exercises that can be performed for 30-45 minutes at a moderate level of exertion – not to the point of exhaustion – on three to five days per week. Pelvic tilts, Kegels, wall squats, and hamstring stretches will help to build strength in the supporting muscles and prevent pregnancy back pain. Acupuncture –
Acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment for pregnancy back pain, which can reduce and sometimes even eliminate low back pain after just a few treatments. Using very fine, sterile needles placed in specific acupuncture points along the meridians or energy channels of the woman’s body, the acupuncturist is able to free up the flow of “qi” (energy), which then allows the body’s natural healing processes to take place.

Massage – After soaking in a warm bath, ask your partner to gently massage the muscles along either side of your spine, your lower back and shoulders with warm oils. Supportive Garments – Wearing a supportive belt can help to relieve the added strain on the lower abdominal muscles and lower back. Your posture will improve and this can help prevent pregnancy back pain from strain and fatigue. Chiropractic Adjustment – Chiropractors can adjust the body providing pain relief without the use of drugs. The adjustments temporarily relieve compression in the joints helping the muscles to relax. Spinal adjustments are safe and can be used to treat muscle, ligament, joint and neurological problems. Soft tissue work can also be used to keep the muscles relaxed and functioning normally.

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