Fairies as Back Tattoo Designs

Fairy tattoo is one of the most sought after designs for both men and women. It exhibits an aura of sexiness and innocence at the same time; it can represent a realm of fantasy as an escape from the reality world. They seem to be nostalgic of our fond childhood days that we always want to remember by. With that being said, a fairy can be a symbol of our youth.

One of the most popular tat theme is back tattoo designs and fairies are one fave image especially among women where they are portrayed as this magical and beautiful winged creature. For men on the other hand, fairy tattoos are sometimes projected as pinup girls scantily clad with breasts showing up but has elaborated wings. They are usually tattooed on men who want to exude their masculinity or love for women

Women on the other hand go for fairy tattoos to represent their nurturing and feminine side with fairies being naturally sweet and delicate. They are placed on lower back, upper back and even full back tattoo designs.   Cute fairy tattoos, most famous would be Tinkerbell are also a favorite because of their playfulness and free-spirited characteristics that women would like to relate to.

As interesting as they are as back tattoos, fairies have notable characteristics as well. They come in the form of little winged people with magical powers who make human wishes come true. Fairies were believed to bestow gifts upon people they are attracted to, such as beauty, wealth and kindness. Fairies were also believed to have loved dancing and singing that their voice were far more reputed than any other human being.

Fairies represent the supernatural and unseen forces on earth and are indicative of belief in natural magic. Fairy tattoos can mean a lot depending on the person wearing it, whatever the reason maybe, fairy tattoos are just so cute and plain pretty making it one of the most magical and spellbinding designs of all time.

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