Metaphysical Spiritual Growth And Guidance Books – A Journey Of Discovery!

Books on the spiritual journey of growth and guidance come in many styles. Some people believe that such books should be based on a person’s life experience or should be relevant to a particular religious belief, but that is not necessarily the case. Spiritual growth and guidance books can also be fiction and the books on would fall into that category, even though many who have read these stories are convinced that they are based on fact. You see, real historical events have been interwoven into these spiritual journey growth and guidance books in a way that challenges peoples’ concept of reality.

As the Angelic Being in the book says, “What may seem a reality is but an illusion. Your true essence is above the physical. When the Higher Self is confined within a mortal body it is like a death to it. Consequently, when the physical death finally comes, it is like a rebirth.
See through the illusion of physical life. It is a dream and you are the dreamer! Always be careful not to get too wrapped up in your own dream. Physical life is nothing but a fleeting moment, a blink of an eye when compared with the great cosmic clock.”

From our limited point of view these spiritual growth and guidance teachers are extraterrestrial, but from that perspective are we not all such Beings? After-all, our true essence is not of this Earth – we are simply visitors on a spiritual journey called life. We will return to our true home once this journey is completed.

As the angelic White Star says, “You are on a wondrous journey of self-discovery. From the moment you separated from the Source you chose to go through certain experiences in order to learn and develop through these trials. It is not wise to seek the end of the journey prematurely. There is much to be gained along the way. Become engrossed in the excitement of your quest and you will suddenly realise that you are a Co-Creator in the Divine Plan. You create your own reality. You re-affirm your reality through your beliefs. If you dwell on the negative, you will manifest that negativity in your life. Similarly, if you concentrate on the positive, you re-affirm that reality, in your personal life, and throughout the universe.”

These spiritual growth and guidance books are told from the viewpoint of a divine race of extraterrestrial Beings who are concerned about the direction that humankind is taking on our planet.

As White Star would say, “You must remember that this is a grand play. On Earth, you have awards for your actors who are outstanding in their roles of various productions. They are awarded statues as a symbol of their achievement in acting. In reality, all who incarnate on the Earth deserves such an award, for each of you play the part to the fullest, becoming so engrossed that you believe it to be real.”

One critic wrote ‘You can either ponder the author’s far reaching ideas or you can put the brain in neutral and simply enjoy the ripping good yarn’. Taken simply as an entertaining read, they are acceptable to all, regardless of personal beliefs or persuasions – all can appreciate an inspirational metaphysical book that is presented in a light-hearted fashion. Simply enjoy the journey … and remember White Star’s words, “There is no right or wrong in this world. It is simply a balancing of energies. Some are rising; some are falling. All are learning through the experience. Remember it is only one stage of the play. Even though some things may seem out of balance, or unjust, when they are viewed from a wider picture it is simply a balancing of energies.”

”Every individual has the potential to heal the planet and to help unify the people in cooperation and understanding. Every individual has the power of creative visualization. Each of you has the potential to use your power of thought to bring about change in your own environment. There is power in numbers and the more people who project positive thought-forms at the same time, the more powerful the effect. Now the future is in your hands. Put a little effort into creating the future that you desire, and you will achieve miraculous rewards. It is up to you!”

With the same birthday as Mark Twain, Gau-Ghan’s stories will entertain & enlighten.

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