Objective and Uses of Vedic Astrology

Man has the innate desire to know about the future- he has been using different methods to predict the future. Man’s fascination with astrology dates back  thousands of years back ,structures of many ancient architectural marvels such as The Pyramids, the Taj Mahal, the Temples in Cambodia follow astronomical patterns.

Civilizations across the old have used different methods to predict about the future, one of the most well known forms of astrology is Vedic astrology.

Vedic Astrology was born in India, the inception of Vedic astrology goes way back to the age of Rishis (the sages of Vedic Culture).These Rishis wrote Vedas which served as the source from which the Vedic astrology is derived. Vedic Astrology encompasses both spiritual and material knowledge.

Vedic astrology has the literal meaning of Jyotish in Hindi which means divine light; it has been formulated on the movement and association of different heavenly bodies such as The Sun, The different planets called the Grahas and the Lunar Mansions also called the Nakshatras.

What is the Primary Objective of Vedic Astrology?

Man is very conscious about the future of all the activities he undertakes, and he is very particular to know the level of uncertainty associated with important aspects of life such as career, marriage, health, family, money, investments one wants to know the potential of risk associated with the activity.

Through the use of Vedic astrology one can alleviate all the uncertainty and anxiety associated with future, remedial measures is a feature that is unique to Vedic Astrology, through Vedic astrology one can know what might happen in the future and would be able to take appropriate remedial measures to rectify the doings or the karma.

Through Vedic astrology one can know not only about the future but also about the causes and reasons of the events in the past as well, this helps one to understand the various complexities associated with life and have a better realization of the life and the self.

What are the Uses of Vedic Astrology

Among other Vedic astrology has found its use in attributes associated with life such as

1.Kama: it relates to all the issues related to close ones such as marriage and compatibility in marriage, timing of children, family and relationships and general domestic happiness.

2. Artha: it provides the attributes associated with monetary aspects such as finances, business and investments.

3. Dharma: this aspect determines one’s career and the degree of the success in the opted career.

4. Moksha: it deals with spirituality and life and its understanding

5. Arogya: Health and wellness one and his family, physically and mentally

How is Vedic astrology different from Western astrology
The primary difference lies in the zodiac system used, Vedic astrologers use the sidereal or fixed zodiac system to make prediction, and on the other hand the western astrology uses a tropical or moving astrological system.
Vedic astrology gives more impotence to understanding of future events hence lays more emphasis on predictions and events of future while the western astrology gives more importance to an individual, his personality and psychology.

Through Vedic astrology the Grahas and the Dashas can be predicted using the cycles of planets or grahas which are known to be the gods of destiny.

Hindu culture and Vedic astrology
For Hindus the matter of Vedic astrology is that of high reverence, they have strong faith in the concept and follow it in all avenues of life from the naming of a  new born to birth chart , decisions in career , business , investments and even finding the dates to get married(Muhurat). Hindu Astrologer will help out for these all work
Apart from happenings in life, Hindu’s give strong importance to astrology while designing their places of living and work through vastu, for the overall happiness and well being of the dwellers.
Evolution of astrology solutions with changes in technology
With advent of technology, Vedic astrologers also have made marked shift in the way the service is delivered to the people.
Traditionally these people were approached when any important decision in life was to be taken by an indvidual, now the Vedic astrologers provide their services in different ways such as live audio video chat, Video conferencing live, online etc.
Live Astrologer prepare horoscopes and panchangs posted on various websites and they can mailed also; moreover they provide VCD, streaming of the remedial measures such as homam, yagna for rectification of doshas in birth charts such as sadhe sati, shani dosh, mangal dosh etc.

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