7 thoughts on “What is the best brand of vitamins and herbal medicine?

  1. I simply take women’s once-a-day’s, and my husband takes men’s once-a-day’s. My hair is growing faster and our skin is noticeably nicer, so I guess it is doing something.

  2. It doesn’t matter. I won’t give you my usual rant that you don’t need to take vitamins at all if you eat a healthy diet. Oops, I just did.

    However, what is unknown to most people, is that there are only 4-5 companies in the entire world that make the raw vitamins that are then sold to the various companies, from the cheapo store brand to the most expensive boutique brands. They all get the raw ingredients from the same place, and just package them.

  3. There is lots of brands of vitamins and herbal medicine that are good to take and are trustworthy. I will recommend you buying these herbal products that are made up by natural resources for example using : Botanic Choice, Forever LIving, Nature’s Sunshine. They are extremely and hand helping products.

  4. The Nutrilite vitamin is really potent and is made from all organic material. These vitamins get absorbed into your rapidly so you actually get the benefits of the vitamins. check out http://spierce10.qhealthzone.com for all your health needs

  5. I am biased. Just sayin’ upfront. There may be many others, too.
    I have become a friend of the folks at Nature’s Sunshine in Spanish Fork at the plant who work in the production of their products. I know the production head and several of the folks who work in quality control. I would state categorically that their products are tested thoroughly for identification of the correct species, contamination with bacteria, heavy metals, adulterants, potency, specific molecular content for known actives in herbs, disintegration (very important with vitamins), and many other tests. They have the equipment like tandem HPLC machines, and many others. And they employ people with PhD’s to do the testing and to make sure that proper procedures are followed. All testing is done in house.
    I find that the statement that there are only 4 of 5 suppliers of raw ingredients to be outside of my knowledge. I am personally aware of many suppliers in China for raw ingredients. So even if I only consider multivitamin ingredients, I am surprised by this comment. For example, Nature’s Sunshine uses a base of a vegetable blend for some of their multivitamin products. Can I imagine that all the carrots come from only 4 or 5 suppliers in the world? Or broccoli? or kale?
    Should our fellow poster care to educate us, I am happy to learn. Seriously. Who are the 4 or 5 companies and what is your citation? This is not exotic science, so it should be easy to prove. Of is it one of those urban myths? Quien sabe?

  6. I like New Chapter.

    Systemics (a professional line)

    Thorne (another prof. line)

    Gaia is good.

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