13 thoughts on “Chinese Herbal Medicine for Insomnia and Anxiety

  1. I understand how you feel, unfortunately we can’t guarantee that a drug will work for you. However if you buy it at a natural food store such as Whole Foods, they will often refund your money if you return it and are not satisfied. But do give it a fair trial. This formula has been reliably used in China for hundreds of years, and Chinese people don’t like wasting money on stuff that doesn’t work any more than you do.

  2. ive tried dozens of herbal supplements and lost a few dollars, do you offer any kind of free trial before i buy your product

  3. Shen is also a Chinese medical term meaning supreme being or spirit. The “dude” in the picture is me, Joel Harvey, who founded the company in 1987. You don’t actually have to be Chinese to practice or use Chinese medicine.

  4. dr shen is a chinese name right? how come there is a white dude in the vid then?

  5. Then try the Good Sleep & Worry Free Pills. Unlike sleeping pills, they’re actually good for you.

  6. lol actually it is hard for me. I just close my eyes and sing and talk about nothing then I eventually sleep.

  7. drshen(dot)com/herbsforinsomnia(dot)htm
    It doesn’t make you sleepy. At maximum dosage, it takes about 3 days to work.

  8. Where do you buy this herb? Does it just relax you or put you right to sleep?

  9. We could help you, however the Chinese herb for immediate sleep is papaveris somniferi (opium poppy), which is unavailable. Contact to your legistators and insist they pressure the FDA to create a new category for Herbal Drugs and that these great gifts of nature be actually regulated rather than banned.

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