How do I start an astrology business?

I would like to open a little shop with all things tied to astrology and I would also like to give chart interpretations right there, but I do not know how to advertise it (since it is not accepted everywhere, many places see it as witchery). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

1 thought on “How do I start an astrology business?

  1. It’s accepted in a lot of places. For many a big city, there is plenty of competition. Most of these storefronts are a one stop service. Meaning they do any and all fortune telling. Tarots, palm reading, astrology, tea leaves, and just straight up psychics. The cost vary but sometimes the have sales. They also sell other things such as charms and candles. Some also input some religion. Then there is the Internet. Lots of money go to those dot coms.

    So doing only one type of fortune telling may not make a good buck.

    Also be sure to get a business license, the IRS still wants their money.

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