Can someone explain astral projection to me?

Can someone explain astral projection to me? I’ve been trying to read about it, but I can’t understand what it is.

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  1. Astral projection is essentially the same as an out of body experience.
    However, it is a voluntary out-of-body experience. You must learn how to meditate to achieve a conscious astral projection.

    To keep it simple, it is the separation of the spirit body from the physical body. The two are connected by a silver colored cord during astral projection.

    Hemi-sync is a good path for learning how to project your astral body.
    Robert Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute, was the first to develop hemi-sync technology. They say “Out of Body Experience” instead of the more esoteric term “Astral Projection”, but they are the same thing essentially.

    Yes, you see other beings on the astral plane. If you have astral vision while your astral body is in your physical body, you can see beings that come to visit. There are 5 non-physical senses that correspond to the 5 physical senses. Combined, these 5 non-physical senses are called the “6th Sense” by many.

  2. It basically means when you leave your physical body while in meditation or sleep. You go into the astral realm aka spirit realm.

    It’s like another universe created by thoughts.

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