Smoke Fairies – Frozen Heart

Promo Video. “Frozen Heart” by Smoke Fairies – Released 13th July on Limited Edition 7″ with free 5-track CD. More info: Dir: Malchick Voshart Dop: Ric Clark Edit: Nick Birstwistle

17 thoughts on “Smoke Fairies – Frozen Heart

  1. I saw them at the Albert Hall in Nottingham yesterday, they are supporting Richard Hawley at the moment. Utterly brilliant! And they are really nice, too, bought one of their boxsets afterwards. If you get the chance you absolutely must go and see them 🙂

  2. Goddam I was there and missed them. Didn’t know who they were when I was there though, what stage did they play?

  3. Man alive I just love this song! Haven’t stopped playing the CD since I bought it at your Luminaire gig at the beginning of June. Really look forward to seeing you live again, soon hopefully. x

  4. Brilliant! Those poor robots. Trudging for days, freezing, heads pulled off, being attacked by a power sander… or whatever Black and Decker Sparks-Making-Device that was. A great, haunting, walking song, thanks! looked great, sounded great- hopefully the first in a series to accompany the EP?

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