8 thoughts on “Vitamins and Herbs for Flu

  1. Oh dear, Cpgone, you can’t make up extreme viewpoints. You are both extreme and wrong.

    Go ahead, cite one study that backs up what you wrote. Plus, there are many vitamins, some are fat soluble, some are water soluble. The fact that you made no discernment only adds to my perception that you have absolutely no clue what you’re writing about.

  2. Well cpgone, I respectfully disagree with you. Most people/Americans are more likely to have a vitamin deficit than a toxicity. Where are all the cases of vitamin toxicity and where are the bodies. If most American’s at least took a multivitamin mineral, as meager as many on the supermarket shelves are they would be doing themselves a great favor. Of course good organic food always first and enough sunshine!

  3. Vitamins are a 100% scam.
    You are 50 times more likely to have a vitamin toxicity rather than a deficit.
    I finally stopped taking them and have never felt better.
    Some select herbs are helpful

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