Drawing With Water: Making the Art for ALAN’S WAR

us.macmillan.com See how Emmanuel Guibert created the art for his graphic novel ALAN’S WAR. www.firstsecondbooks.com “When I was eighteen, Uncle Sam told me he’d like me to put on a uniform and go off to fight a guy by the name of Adolf. So I did.” When Alan Cope joined the army and went off to fight in World War II, he had no idea what he was getting into. This graphic memoir is the story of his life during wartime, a story told with poignant intimacy and matchless artistry. Across a generation, a deep friendship blossomed between Alan Cope and author Emmanuel Guibert. From it, Alan’s War was born: a graphic novel that is a deeply personal and moving experience, straight from the heart of the Greatest Generation; a unique piece of WWII literature; and a ground-breaking graphic memoir.

25 thoughts on “Drawing With Water: Making the Art for ALAN’S WAR

  1. That is very cool. I am really impressed. How is that done? What did you use?

  2. everyone please check out the video of my Oil painting. It took me 5 months to finish and its 4 feet by 6 feet. let me know what you think of the piece. the video is called – Monumental Oil painting- from start to finish

  3. wow that’s awesome i had never seen something like that before. can i do it with any tipe of painting or do i need a secial one?

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