Exactly What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is being filled with the spirit, being confident in ones belief, possessing a spiritual essence.  Most faiths talk about the spirit and spirituality.  No one can deny that Mother Theresa, Billy Graham, the Dali Lama and the Reverend Jessie Jackson are all great examples of modern day spiritual people.  But exactly what does that mean?  Does this mean that you have to be religious to be spiritual? 


Being of Native American heritage, where you are taught that your spirit is something sacred and to be truly spiritual you must understand and find peace with your inner self, lends me towards the belief that the spirit does not have a religion.  However, the spirit is what makes us human what makes us who we are. To be spiritual you have to know yourself and your beliefs.


I know that most religions will argue this point and state that unless you believe in one form of religion or another you can’t possibly be spiritual.  You have to accept one faith or another to be able to ensure your way into heaven, to ensure your place at the right hand of God, to make your way into paradise.  I agree to disagree on this point.


I believe that you can be a spiritual person, who is completely at peace with your own mortality.  You can believe in a supreme being, in life after death, in karma and in reincarnation, yet not be affiliated with any one religion or faith.


Let’s look at Buddhism and the Wiccan faiths.  They are not religions, but yet people who are part of these beliefs are extremely spiritual.  In spite of a lot of the misconceptions that other religious leaders and the media perpetuate, Wiccan’s are not devil worshipers and Buddhists are not martial art butt kicking Asians.  These beliefs are based on good, not evil, and being in touch with your own spirit.  These faiths teach devout spirituality and commitment to ones beliefs. 


Certain religions damn you to hell once a week whether you need it or not.  Even though I personally do not feel that this would be a spiritually enhancing experience; believers in these religions vociferously claim to be filled with the spirit.  They claim they are closer to God because of this experience; their spirituality can not be questioned.


There are those religions who believe that children, who in my opinion are the most spiritual and innocent beings on earth, are born with an original sin and if they die before being baptized can not go to heaven.   There are also those that believe before you die you must accept a savior and repent your sins to get into heaven.  The followers of these religions are also extremely spiritual and strongly believe their faith can get them through anything. 


Are any of these examples right or wrong?  I believe that each and every one of us is entitled to our own way of developing our spirituality, our oneness with our spirits and our God.  We each must find our way to spiritual peace and happiness.   Whether we believe in personal spirituality, or in a formal religion, what is important is that we believe. No one is right or wrong as long as they are in touch with their spirituality.


This is what EnhancedFaith.com is all about.  We are here to help all believers to develop their own spirituality, to express their own beliefs and to become enlightened about others.  We are here to promote “Believing is the Key”.  We want to provide a place that all souls can come together.


Are you spiritual?  How do you express your spirituality?  Come join us today at EnhancedFaith.com.



Jo Phelps, has been an ordained minister since 1999 with the Universal Life Church, a non-denominational interfaith that promotes equality of all beliefs. She has created Enhancedfaith.com out of her desire to provide a web presence where all souls can gather, “Where Believing is the Key”.

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