Why do Atheists claim that every holiday is a pagan holiday?

According to atheists, Christmas was originally a pagan holiday. Halloween, pagan holiday. Easter? Yup, pagan. Thanksgiving? Totally pagan. 4th of July? Come on, we all know the pagans were first to celebrate that. Black History Month? Sooooo pagan!

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  1. what part of christianity involves a xmas tree? Or santa clause?

    Easter is not a pagan holiday, but it has been secularized to be very much non religious to many people (an easter bunny and colored eggs?).

    Thanksgiving and Independence day are American holidays. Completely secular.

  2. We don’t. It’s also a fact that almost every, if not all, Christian holidays are based on a Pagan one.

  3. Thanksgiving not so much, and the 4th of July I know nothing about.

    Basically all holidays are based in some way on pagan ones.

  4. it is verified fact that christian holidays were hijacked from pagan celebrations……..research before you post next time

  5. yeah yeah whinge whinge
    you dont like the truth thats no ones problem but yours
    why not just accept it instead of whinging about it on here in front of thousands of people who know its also true as your just embarrassing yourself

  6. Please show me just one post on here where an atheist (or ANYBODY for that matter) claimed that Thanksgiving and Independence Day have their roots in pagan traditions. Just one.

  7. We claim that three of those, Christmas, Halloween, and Easter, are pagan holidays because they are. Simple enough, really.

  8. You are full of it.. I have yet to see anyone claim every holiday is a pagan holiday, nor have you.. It is not our fault that most of the major holidays are pagan in origin.

  9. Because most of them are. Christians chose to celebrate the birth of Christ on an already established pagan holiday because it was in their tradition and convenient, they just changed the meaning of the holiday. It’s not a bad thing. The meaning is what’s important.

  10. Christmas, Easter and Halloween were. Read a book or does your religion forbid you to do so.

  11. Well, Easter and Halloween are derived from Heathen holidays. So is Christmas (still refered to as “Yule”).

    Reference for the above isn’t difficult at all, or even e-mail me and I’ll try to give you the references.

    Hail Odin!

  12. Grow up.

    Christmas DID start as a Pagan Holiday. Halloween DID start as a pagan holiday. Hell, ALL religions started out as PAGAN. You know why? Because Pagan is such a blanket term, it hardly means anything anymore.

  13. Er… I don’t know to what atheists you’re referring, but I don’t know any who insist that ALL holidays are “pagan in origin”.

  14. Christian Holidays are celebrated during pagan holidays for a strategic reason. The early church wanted to wipe out paganism, and convert them to christianity, and what better way to do it then by transforming their holy days into your own? It’s not just atheistic fabrication, it’s historical fact. Look it up yourself.

  15. Well Big Ben why don’t you pick up a history book and read it. Then you will understand why we say that so many of the holidays were originally pagan.

  16. pagans invented the gregorian calender


    they invented the idea of days for gods, even all the months are named after pagan gods.

  17. Pretty much, yeah. Unless you can show me where a human sized rabbit appears in the bible hiding eggs.

  18. Holiday = holy day. Some of which has been lost in translation. Pagan holidays weren’t stolen, they were usurped. And their god’s recast as demons in Satan’s choir. As for those holidays you mentioned that are strictly American…give me a break. You may not like the truth, but give up on the irony, sir. It makes you look ignorant and weakens your position.

  19. answer: I have yet to see an atheist claim the 4th of July or Black history month is pagan in origin.

    They are intelligent enough to know that the “religious” based ones are pagan in origin: Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving (harvest celebrations predate Christianity, thanks), etc.

  20. Please, it’s not a “reason to criticize [your] faith”

    It’s the truth.

  21. Labor Day and MLK Day were not pagan… if that helps any…

  22. Listen troll, all xtain holidays are copied from pagan holidays.
    Halloween – pagan holiday
    Easter- pagan holiday Lady day
    christmas- pagan holiday Yule
    Valentines day – pagan holiday Candlemas
    All sabbaths of Witchcraft.
    So go blow!

  23. That would be becasue they are.

    Christmas – Yule
    Easter – Eostre

    Yah de ya deh yah…

  24. Bong, Bong, B o n g, You have confused secular holidays with Religious holidays, The big 3 Christian holidays were hijacked from pagans and there was a retention of some of the pagan practices. Easter eggs, Christmas trees and Halloween trick or treat.

  25. Unh-UH! Not St. Swithin’s day. That one’s totally Christian. I mean, predicting a 40-day pattern of weather on the basis of a single day in July? That’s just crazy! (and not the least bit pagan at all)

  26. As a Pagan and an historian, I insist that Christians who ask questions about why non-Christians celebrate Easter or Christmas remember that those holidays are thinly-disguised Pagan holidays. It’s a little thing I like to call historical truth. Look into it.

    However, Thanksgiving has clear Christian connotations, although certainly harvest feasts were practiced near the same time of year in pre-Christian Europe. July 4th is neither Pagan nor Christian. It is a secular patriotic holiday.

    Nice straw man you set up there!

  27. Christmas, Easter and Halloween are all pagan holidays. Christmas was originally the celebration of the sun god’s birthday, Easter is actually Ishtar, the celebration of the fertility goddess, and Halloween is one of the most wicked and demonic days out there. I am saying all of this and I am a christian. Not a Mormon, a Jehovah’s whiteness, catholic, pentecostal, prosperity gospel, blab it and grab it or new age-er. I am a King James version bible believing Christian who is trying to fashion my life after Jesus’. These holidays were merged with Christian holidays to try to bring the two faiths together. If you need more info please feel free to contact me.

    God loves you and so do I
    Be Blessed

  28. Christmas, Easter and Halloween all have non-Christian origins. The Bible doesn’t say when Christ’s birthday is. Nobody knows the month and day for sure. December 25 was chosen because it’s near the winter solstice. People believed that they could encourage the sun to come back to the northern hemisphere with rituals on the day of the winter solstice.

    Eggs and rabbits were fertility symbols associated with Ishtar.
    This may be why store flyers say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”. Right wing politicians try to use Christmas as an issue to tear down the Separation of Church and State so they can stir up their donors.

  29. This question looked good at first.

    Then it degenerated.

    I am an atheist, but I do not make those claims.

    Why do christians insist in the face of veritable evidence that the dates of their festivals correspond to dates of festivals of other theist and non theist groups?

    Halloween – The festival of Samhain is a celebration of the end of the harvest season in Gaelic culture, and is sometimes regarded as the “Celtic New Year”.

    Halloween – All hallows eve – It was a day of religious festivities in various northern European Pagan traditions, until Popes Gregory III and Gregory IV moved the old Christian feast of All Saints’ Day from May 13 (which had itself been the date of a pagan holiday, the Feast of the Lemures) to November 1.

    Easter – The name refers to the Eostur-monath, a month of the Germanic calendar which may have been named for the goddess Ēostre in Anglo-Saxon paganism, attested by Bede.

    Thanksgiving – In Grenada there is a national holiday of Thanksgiving Day on 25 October. It is unrelated to holidays in Canada and the United States even though it bears the same name. It marks the anniversary of the US-led invasion of the island in 1983 in response to the deposition and execution of Grenadan Prime Minister Maurice Bishop.

    Christmas – A winter festival was traditionally the most popular festival of the year in many cultures.

    Needless to say – but I think that a simple five minute surf of the internet has brought up enough cut ‘n paste to prove my point.

    Although I knew most of this already, cut ‘n paste is convenient.

    Do the research – do the math – do the laundry. I don’t care, just get some factual data / information before you make generalist uneducated remarks / assumptions.

    Also, if I worded your question differently and questioned christianity, I would be accused of prejudice.

    Should I therefore accuse you of prejudiced bigotry?

  30. its interesting the answers here

    now to be fair and honest christmas falls on the day of yule, which is a Pagan holiday, as a way of converting the pagans to christianity . there was no “Stealing” involved, it is very much a christian holiday.
    to another answerer, santa claus is very christian, in fact its taken from saint nicholas, you know the catholic saint who wore a red robe and put goodies in peoples shoes, that guy.

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