Celebrity Pagan Neo-Catholics

This clip entitled Celebrity Pagan Neo-Catholics is take from the sermon John the Baptizer, Part 2preached by Pastor Mark Driscoll at Mars Hill Church as part of the ongoing series, Luke: Investigating The Man Who Is God For more information about this current series, visit www.marshillchurch.org and for more audio and video content visit marshillchurch.org

25 thoughts on “Celebrity Pagan Neo-Catholics

  1. @nashmj I’m sorry that there are so many people who claim the Lord but don’t actually do what he says. Here’s the solution: don’t look to people. They will confuse you. Look to God. Look in the Bible to see what the truth is.

  2. @nashmj That’s not true. Even if it were, just because someone says they’re a Christian doesn’t make it true. If you think saying you’re a Christian makes you a Christian, there’s something wrong with you.

  3. @Kevbox2008 Well, given the fact that they were the first people calling themselves Christians, yeah, that does pretty much make it true.

  4. @Kevbox2008 They’ve been saying that, for about the last 1,500 years or so. Where have you been?

  5. “Pagan Neo-Catholics”, LOL. I love it when Christians tell us non-Christians that they have all the answers, when they can’t even agree with each other about the fundamentals of their own religion.

  6. @MrLawrenceV I don’t ignore parts of History I don’t like as a matter of fact I tend to focus on those parts as much the parts I do like, do you?

  7. @MrLawrenceV

    “And no, double heresy doesn’t cancel itself out.”

    I liked that 🙂

    – Heretic x 2 with a sense of humor

  8. @mythicalhell I’m not catholic. But that doesn’t matter, because you can’t simply ignore the parts of history you don’t like.

  9. where the heck did you get your info on paganism????? Don’t know who this dude is but he needs to at least do a little research before talking about paganism. Just a little………..please…….

  10. preach it Brother! I find it interesting that this clip has 10,000 views but the religious repentance clip is falling behind.

  11. @butchkitties I find it suspicious that you seem to be trying to make the assertion that God does not exist, yet have no problems overlooking and making statements about our brains being “WIRED” to seek causality and agency. So you’re 100% certain that there is no way a supreme intelligent designer could have possibly “WIRED” our brains to… what was it that you said… oh yeah… seek causality and agency, so we might… ya know… conclude that he exists in the first place.

  12. @TylerDurdenMakesSoap, you’ve completely missed what Driscoll is talking about here. He’s not referring to anything concerning physical mental problems or disorders. He’s talking about the moral guilt that someone experiences when they do something sinful. He’s simply saying that we ought to “feel bad” or “feel guilty” when we do what is wrong because we ARE guilty. If we live lives of sin and selfishness, we ought not be surprised when we sense the weight of shame on our conscience.

  13. Protestants who hate Catholicism amuse me greatly. Mostly because your faith is Catholicism except the parts you don’t like. Your faith is heretical to the people who were heretical to Catholicism.

    And no, double heresy doesn’t cancel itself out.

  14. @afailuretocomply

    You don’t find it even a little suspicious that God “heals” people with cancer, or blindness, or leprosy, (ie: he heals diseases where we can’t directly observe the process) but he won’t heal a lost limb? That’s convenient.

    Your last sentence is just wrong. Of course man would have a desire to invent gods. Our brains are wired to seek causality and agency. “God” was invented to answer questions about our surrounding when we lacked the science to find out for ourselves.

  15. Thank you, Pastor Mark Driscoll, for making it clear that I’m a terrible person. Keep on passing judgement on everyone – your going to change the world!

  16. I was offended at the first 2 mins. Then I realized he IS NOT TALKING ABOUT PAGANS. He is talking about a new form of catholizism. Not Pagans (Wiccans Asatru ect….)

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