Sarah Mclachlan – In The Arms Of The Angel

I did this video for a friend of mine that will lives in another country and I did with her favorite movie (city of angels) with her favorite song ^^ but now she comes back but lives in another city and still I didn’t see her a lot. I will always miss her =] and thas it.. enjoy the video

25 thoughts on “Sarah Mclachlan – In The Arms Of The Angel

  1. this song reminds me of Ben , crying every night and f*** i miss him, i want him baack so much. xx <3

  2. This song sure brings back old memories..To all out there who has lost someone.. ” Never Give Up for If You Say You Can’t Or If You Say You Can, Either Way You’ll Be Right! ” =D

  3. I lost a boyfriend to cancer and this reminds me of him. I always cry to it. When I look at his pics

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  5. @thejman10 why dont you mind your own business and shut your mouth. if you have nothing nice to say dont say anything at all please. some people come on here to enojoy what they hear and see. not to be put down for letting their feelings out.

  6. This is about animal abuse an being save “In the arms of an angel.” the angel is the person that saved and/or adopted them. They cherish that person. Ever heard it on the commercial?

  7. @ISWIM4647 Yeah, sadly…no one can save those useless, cold hearted, souls.

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  12. Beautiful song. I think Olivia Archibold on Britains got talent sang it just as beautiful.

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