What is your opinion of eclectic spirituality?

All the main faiths seem to have a lot in common, But someone may agree with one aspect of one religion and another aspect of a different religion and mix them together and it could work for them well and better than following one religion completely and some people say all religions are different paths to the same truth anyway.

I think eclectic spirituality is common in Wicca and Paganism.

4 thoughts on “What is your opinion of eclectic spirituality?

  1. I sincerely thank you for defining my personal spirituality! “Eclectic Spirituality” It has a nice ring to it!

    Now, if I could get enough money together…I could make millions through books, Oprah appearances and training tapes.

  2. Real spirituality comes from you understanding how life works.
    If you just follow some religion and don’t understand what it is
    you are doing, then it is better to take pieces from various teachings
    that you DO understand and apply them to your life.

  3. I think there are forms of “eclectic” Christianity too… perhaps these paths arn’t so much eclectic as mystic… meaning that instead of “picking and choosing” their favorite bits like from a buffet of religions at the cafeteria, people seek personal gnosis, seek a personal way of relating to God or the cosmos and use methods and ideas from various religions to inspire them on their path.

    Sufism is a mystic path of Islam that seeks a personal relationship with Allah… as far as I know, they are a very peaceful and tolerant sect that teaches love along with the typical message of submission to Allah that characterizes all muslim sects. While they may not be “eclectic” per se, their mystic approach may help describe what eclectics within Wicca and paganism attempt to do and why they may be somewhat more peaceful and tolerant then other groups.

  4. I have never heard the term; but i would regard it with suspicion like some other beliefs the hoodwink the followers into buying more books to achieve so called higher office.

    I had two friends caught up in the system. Neither would listen.

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