What is Spiritual Wisdom

I have over 15,000 pages of “spiritual wisdom” on my main web site. The title of my web site is “Spiritual New Age Wisdom, but it never occurred to me to write about what “spiritual wisdom” is, until I received a posting in my guest book asking about it.

Wisdom is knowledge applied, so “spiritual wisdom” is spirituality applied; it is that simple. New Age Spiritual Wisdom is the knowledge of New Age spirituality applied to your everyday physical life.

Spirit is what you are naturally, so everything that you do is spiritual. Because being spirit is natural, when spiritual attributes are applied to your everyday life, your life becomes less of a struggle, and there is a natural tendency for your life to flow easily because you are in harmony with spirit. When you add your conscious thoughts to your spirituality, the purpose of your physical life becomes vague and chaotic. The farther you move away from your true nature (which is spiritual) the more difficult it is to return to it because you become brain washed.

As you move away from your childhood and start to believe all the things your parents and your elders tell you about life, and how yours is supposed to be lived, the less spiritually motivated you become. You start to live your life for others and in a way that is acceptable to them, and you loose site of your purpose and why you decided to become physical. The farther you move away from your childhood the more difficult it is to apply spiritual attributes to your life, and the natural ability to consciously alter what you are or will experience.

Because you are life itself as well as the creator of it, you have all the attributes of a creator. The more you accept the misinformation or disinformation of your parents or elders, the less your ability to use your power. After years of believing what they tell you, you become impotent and mortal. However, the good news is that you can get it all back, unfortunately for most of us; it becomes a major struggle with our old beliefs about why we cannot. The older you get and the more entrenched the misinformation, the more difficult your spiritual quest will be. You can have it all back in a heart beat if you can let go of your physical thoughts and accept your true nature as your new reality; but that is easier said than done. Experience has taught me that it is another lifetime or several before that transformation can happen. The idea of acceptance is easy; its practice however, is most difficult. It is a lot of work and energy finding your way back and the harder you try, the farther away you move.

If you are lucky enough to have parents who are wise in spiritual matters and they allow you to maintain your natural awareness and develop it, the powers will stay with you and are accessible for the rest of your life. If you are fortunate enough to be reading this and are intuitive or intelligent enough to understand, you work will be less if you are critical about the information that is given you. People will always try to disempower you, with this awareness comes your best defense. They cannot take away your power unless you let them – unless you believe that you do not have it.

Parents want the best for their children, but the struggle for spiritual awareness or wisdom should be the parents’ not the children. It is difficult to let go and allow a child to find their own way. We want to guide them and protect them and that desire is inherited in every parent, but every child must choose, or suffer a life unfulfilled. As parents we tell ourselves and others that we want more for our children, yet we give them the same misinformation given to us, that will guide them to less. Of course when we say this, we are thinking of material things once again ignoring their spiritual purpose for being physical. Loving our children unconditionally and knowing that they have a purpose will allow the freedom for them to follow their destiny – again, easy to say, not so easy to do.

The world is the way it is because we have stifled our spirituality and replaced it with boxed religions which do not want us to use our power. We have allowed fear to replace love and freedom to evolve into the greater human that we are so capable of. Spiritual wisdom would bring back life into our physical experience. Spiritual wisdom would encourage diversity, not assimilation. Life must move in all directions before it can know itself as complete. There is no life if we all believe in the same things. Acknowledgement of our differences is acknowledgement of life in all its expressions, none better or worse than the other.

Spiritual Wisdom is your awareness expressed in the best possible physical manifestation of your own thoughts. Be true to your own wisdom.

Roy E. Klienwachter is a resident of British Columbia, Canada. A published author, a student of NLP, New Age Light Worker, Teacher and Phenomenologist. Roy’s books and articles are thought provoking, and designed to empower your imagination, and take you to places you would never have thought of.

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