Damiana, Natural Herbal Answer for Loss of Sex-drive

Damiana (Turnera Diffusa, or Turnera Aphrodisiaca) has a well-established reputation in folk-medicine as an Aphrodisiac. Claims that a plant is an ‘aphrodisiac’ are often far-fetched, and based more on expectations of results, than their true effect. But Damiana definitely does help, if nervous tension, anxiety, or depression are at the root of loss of your libido. And it helps both men and women equally, unlike Viagra, (scary stuff! which messes with your heart-rhythms, and worse!)

Damiana acts as a tonic for the whole nervous system, and the benefit of that is a subtle ‘lift’ in mood. We all have problems in our lives that make us tense or tired. Work situations, financial pressures, deadlines to meet, family worries,etc, that push sexual pleasure out of the window! What better ally can we have than a strengthening tonic, working for us in the background, helping to restore our connections to our healthy, happy, natural selves?

As a strengthening herb, it will help with sexual stamina and performance.

It is considered a safe herb to take, though it is inadvisable to use Damiana if you are suffering from diabetes, as it can affect blood-sugar levels (usually quite undramatically, but possibly in an unpredictable way if you are diabetic.)

Apart from its positive results with jaded sexual appetite, this herb has other talents. It is extremely helpful in inflammations and irritations of the urinary system;  is useful for painful periods (dysmenorhoea) and can also help with headaches originating from nervous tension or anxiety.

There are many Damiana products on the market, as this wonderful herb increases in popularity. Herbal Tinctures are a very fuss-free and convenient way to take herbs. Research tends to the view that tinctures (particularly alcohol-based ones) are absorbed more quickly and efficiently by the digestive system, more convenient than herbal teas or decoctions,and far more effective than taking herbal tablets.

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