Tibbie Dunbar – Robert Burns

Robert Burns (last 2 verses by Jim McLean) Chorus; O, wilt thou go wi’ me, sweet Tibbie Dunbar O, wilt thou go wi’ me, sweet Tibbie Dunbar? Wilt thou ride on a horse, or be drawn in a car, Or walk by my side, sweet Tibbie Dunbar? I care na thy daddie, his lands and his money; I care na thy kin, sae high and sae lordly; But say that thou’lt hae me for better or waur, And come in thy coatie, sweet Tibbie Dunbar. Chorus I offer you nothing of silver or land, What man can determine the price of your hand But g’in your consent we’d be richer by far Oh walk by me side sweet Tibbie Dunbar Chorus Oh wilt thou become a poor beggars lady To sleep in the heather rolled up in my plaidie The sky for a roof and your candle a star my love for your fire sweet Tibbie Dunbar.. Chorus.

24 thoughts on “Tibbie Dunbar – Robert Burns

    philosophy chilly dunbah
    come in your cottage

    Love you nevered chili Ident WHO DAY

  2. You have a beautiful voice with a character very appropriate to this song. I really like your interpretation as well.

  3. what a find on christmas day 🙂 i was named after robert burns.top performance.

  4. Well I didn’t know that. Gallic usually means in the style of the French. Scottish Gaelic is sometimes pronounced as “gallic” , but is spelt “Gàidhlig”. I can’t find any reference on the internet to “Gallic” meaning Scots Gaelic.

  5. Well I’m stunned, what a singer and what an interpretation. You sing Burns like Jean Redpath, absolutely perfectly. I expect you’ve heard Jean Redpath’s burns albums, you have the samelilt in your voice, very Gallic, well done indeed

  6. Yes, great voice, I didn’t know the song either but your version is really beautiful!

  7. Thank you that was simply beautiful…..You have a lovely voice 5*****+
    ….colin……..Thanks Mark for the send

  8. Just wonderful my friend 5*s and a Merry Christmas from England ;0)


  9. Lovely, such a sweet voice! I really dig your cadence on this, way more than other versions.

  10. Ms. Coffeescup,
    Although I am not familiar with these two songs you performed this evening, I am highly impressed with your vocals and your brave song choices. You resonate in my head long after I have stopped listening. I give you 5 stars.

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