Soul Mate, are you Out There?

The key in anyone’s life is to find that “happily ever after.” Sure it seems easy in the books, finding your soul mate in some unusual way, facing some conflict or some evil villain, along with the ride of wooing romance, then kiss, bam, boom, happily ever after. Easy enough write, well alert the editor because there is only about a one in a zillionth chance of that happening to us average folk. Still, in actual reality, it is said that there is a soul mate or life mate out there for everyone. A special someone made to fit perfectly with you. The only hard part is finding him/her. Today that is our “Quest for the Holy Grail” only “Quest for My Special Someone” or “Quest for a Happily Ever After” whatever you want to call it. But I ask this, we all want our soul mate, hell I’m 16 and all I can do is be a hopeless romantic dreaming and constantly thinking about that Mr. Right. But how do you know he/she is really the one? Sure, the simple answer is love, right? Well, define love. I’ve heard many definitions some good, some same old, same old. Really though, you have to find out for yourself and write your own definition for love that is what I think at least. But really how do you know? That would be the answer to all questions.

People are getting married off the yin-yang out there and divorces are happening just as fast. It is shocking to see how some people can mow through husbands/wives. It is sad to see why people are getting married such as for money. It is even worse to see long-term marriage go a-bust because the other partner “fell out of love” or what not. It is laughable to see the piling reasons for divorce or even for marriage. Think though in a lot of those cases in the beginning of them I bet they said they were in love and their were meant for each other, they were soul mates. Then mouths or years later a divorce happens. Explain to me how soul mates would divorce each other. How can you fall out of love?

I’ve read many books of this certain subject. No not one of those Dr. Phil books, even though my mother did buy one for me. I seen “love” and marriage with my own eyes. I’ve learned of trail and error. My advice to you know them before you pick them. I know we all want love, thirst and crave for it like the very air we need to live. But you have at least 20 good years on you before you thrown in that unwritten “young is the only way to go and your to old to go with” clause. That is plenty enough time to mow through some singles. If that isn’t enough for you there is always that handy dandy but risky online dating thing, “A date just a click away!” Just remember to truly know their soul and know that it matches with yours before you go head first into the I do’s.

Young, trying to be an author. Trying to get my thoughts out there one ill written article at a time. Plus I also write horrible grammar fiction stories.

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