What are the real dates for astrology signs?

I’ve heard that the dates in the magazines aren’t the real dates because those dates were from thousands of years ago and the positioning of the planets have changed since then. Is that true? I’ve seen two different lists of dates for astrology signs and I just wanted to know what the real dates were.

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  1. Well, the dates you see in magazines ae based off of Tropical Astrology….which most people use today. However, Tropical Astrology is no longer aligned with where the planets are now, but a long time ago it was….Now, Sidereal Astrology is aligned with the actual planets, constellations, and stars today….For instance in Tropical Astrology, I’m an Aries because I was born April 7th, but in Sidereal Astrology, I’m a Pisces….I feel more like a Pisces!

    You can check out the difference in dates at Wikipedia.org.
    Just type in Sidereal Astrology and you’ll get a list for both Tropical and Sidereal Astrology…

    Hope this Helps!!!

    You should pick which Astrology suits you more, and the one you’re most comfortable using….

  2. The Tropical and Sidereal zodiac are different, neither is right or wrong. Originally, Spring Equinox occurred as the Sun entered Aries (in a single Zodiac system) and the Sun was also aligned with the constellation Aries. Now, Spring Equinox no longer occurs when the Sun is aligned with this constellation. The Sidereal Zodiac maintains the Sun/Star relationship calculating signs by where the constellations are. The Tropical Zodiac maintains the Sun/Season relationship calculating signs to co-relate to the seasons.

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