What is a metaphysical meaning of purple and golden colors?

I have noticed that two flowers grew in my backyard suddenly, and one is purple and the other is golden. I know it’s a message, but what kind?

6 thoughts on “What is a metaphysical meaning of purple and golden colors?

  1. that you need to read your bible more and stop worrying about metaphysics.

  2. There are many people who believe in Aura”s or the color of the energy feild that surrounds a person. Sometimes other objects also have this effect but I honestly cannot tell you why. I know purple sometimes used to represent highest plane spirituallity and golden or a bright yellow can mean extreme joy.

  3. Purple is often associated with the etheric mind– the deep subconscious, and gold is a step higher into pure soul awareness.

  4. gold: spiritual rewards purple:symbol or royalty,oneness with GOD maybe your prayers will soon be answered maybe you need a Doctor or a yard boy

  5. Metaphysically speaking, gold is associated with higher learning, knowledge, money, wisdom.

    Purple is associated with spirituality and awareness, the higher self, development of the 3rd eye.

    Since there were 2 flowers that both bloomed suddenly, my interpretation would be that you may possibly experience an unexpected positive development in which you should remember to always seek balance.

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