Why do Atheists visit Religion and Spirituality all the time?

I have seen atheists in religion and spirituality every day. I think they make the christian believers participate in discussions. If they were not there in this site, every one may have to keep silent.

27 thoughts on “Why do Atheists visit Religion and Spirituality all the time?

  1. they are here to mock us Christians and flaunt certain immoral things that they do

  2. Because we have an interest in religion and spirituality, an interest brought about by the influence of religion on modern day politics. As it has been frequently mentioned before, why are there people in the cats and dogs section?

  3. If you can’t handle debate, questions about your idea beliefs and ideas, then stay out of the religious kitchen.

  4. We got kicked out of the Cats section, apparently no humans were allowed to post there

  5. Because its more fun than the other forums.. ??

    Edit – to the thumbs down fairy.
    Have you tried answering ‘How do I look, Does my hair look good and OMG Ive got a pimple my life is over???’ Try the health and beauty section and die of boredom.

    Edit2 – Technically I think Im agnostic btw.

  6. i’m not a “visitor” i live here. we started this section after we got kicked out of the cat section.

  7. To laugh at bigots like your first answerer… Religion fundamentally is about loving one another yet I see so much hate, hypocritical at best!

  8. Because atheism, by definition, is related to religion.

    We have as much right to discuss it as anyone else. To suggest otherwise would be hypocrisy.

  9. As a Christian I can truly say that this is NOT my reason for being here , I am here because God Commanded me to be here and anywhere people need to here the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah!

  10. to bash christians like you.

    edit:Christian purity? do you think what we’re doing is immoral? WHat has your imaginary friend done huh? the big sky daddy’s story book is evil and disgusting. It hard to believe that it was written by a compassionate God worthy of respect.

  11. Why do people who don’t believe in Global Warming post in the GW Section? WTF is with that?

  12. It is fun to laugh at childish fairy tales, don’t you think? It would be a shame if they were to keep silent and deny us the jokes.

  13. They like to taunt religious people. Hopefully by them hanging around here, someday they will actually see the light and come to believe.

  14. To correct the blatant lies and misconceptions said about us here, because we have an interest in religion and spitituality, to debate, to encourage people to think rationally and use logic, because many of us have been religious before, because we as atheists actually can have spirituality (spirituality is not limited to theists!) and because we have just as much opinions on religion as the religious. How many more reasons do you need?

    Besides I don’t see the sign saying no atheists allowed

  15. It’s because they’re insecure in their beliefs. Many claim they have not and never will read the Bible yet try to sound like experts.
    Would an anorexic try to make you stop eating around them?
    They claim that we try to convert them or “cram it down their throats”. Yet they follow us here and yammer away and can’t see it’s the same thing they accuse us of.
    And yes, they do throw insults when a point can’t be made logically.
    But I will fight to the death for their right to tell such lies. 9 yrs Navy

  16. because I’ve finished reading my forums, my tv show is still playing and I can be guaranteed to find plenty of questions directed to atheists.

  17. Because people like you ask questions addressing them. It’s a forum for discussing religion and spirituality, not an exclusive board for religious believers.

  18. since a straw poll showed a fundie preacher named mike huckabee is now the conservatives new messiah, you will see me here everyday .

  19. I’m here to let others know that not everyone believes the bulls**t.

    …and that it’s perfectly acceptable not to believe bulls**t.

  20. Why are you so ignorant of what an atheist is?!!

    ATHEIST – someone who does not believe in a God – any God – not just the Christian one. But that does not mean they do not hold strong moral or religious beliefs! They can follow any religion that does not have a god and there are a lot of those!!

    Like BUDDHISM – Religious teaching from Buddha and his followers that by destroying greed, hatred and delusion (the cause of all suffering) man can attain perfect enlightenment!!

    Add christians and muslims together and they amount to just under a third of the world population the majority of the rest is made up of atheists and religions without gods!! So they are in the majority here!!!

  21. Some atheists have open minds and are willing to be persuaded by logical argument and new evidence (revelation). Buddhists are seeking enlightenment, but few of them believe in a divine being. Most, I believe, are atheists, yet they are seekers of truth and spiritual enlightenment.

    Isn’t it good that Christians and other religious believers are challenged by atheists and they are allowed to present their understanding of the truth

    I enjoy talking to religious people who do not condemn others and who are genuine truth seekers. Sadly, many religions are setup to be judgmental and shut down real communication.

  22. No man is an island! Those who want to be alone is either a beast or a God. Every man has got a thought that what he knows is right and what he has is great. This is how all the religions work. Atheism is nothing different from that. If you speak to any communist he will say the Communism is the greatest theory world have ever seen. If you ask a Muslim, who is the greatest man in this world, he will say no doubt, Mohamed (Peace be Upon him) is the greatest person ever had in this earth and heaven.

    Atheists believe human being should be emancipated from religion, then only then can see the truth of the world. They think that all the religious persons should be at any cost made understood that there is no God and the belief in God through ages made man blind to accept so many illogical things. Still they are exploited by others. People are looted, cheated and mislead all the way in the name of religion.

    For Communists end justifies the means. For atheists they will even enter the temple or churches and interfere in their activities to make them understand that religions are wrong by its perceptions and construction.

  23. One answer to the question is because religion and spirituality does contain truth, but not necessarily the truth expoused by believers. This truth is often linked to philosophy, psychology, and other fields of interest to us all. For example, I’ve sent a lot of people into a white-hot rage by exposing some of this truth. The folks over at “Christianity Today” refuse to allow me to post comments on that magazine’s blog. The blog owner of “RELIGIOUS FORUMS” has banned me for life from posting comments on his blog. A certain Lutheran theologian has actually threatened me. Most just laugh at me as they spew out expletives and obscenities. Why all the rage and terror and nervous giggling? Because Adam and Eve had anal sex (IN THE STORY), which is the original sin mystery Saint Augustine came so close to solving. (He came to the conclusion their sin was penile/vaginal sex.) I just happen to be the unfortunate messenger caught in the mess. If something is wrong with this very upsetting exegesis, then who is intelligent enough to find the error? I challenge you regardless of your religious beliefs: find the error! Google “Robert Hagedorn’s Blogs” and click on “WikiAnswers”

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