25 thoughts on “Blackmore’s Night Shadow of The Moon

  1. why wasn’t a guitar solo like this one in the studio version? 🙁 He just keeps the flow of the song and just adds some notes, at the first view! but by doing so, he tells his own moving, emotional story, without any words… hm? what am I saying?!?^^ well, this is the Blackmore-magic! and it works in many styles. so here.

  2. @Ascyltos Sorry, the reunion isn’t going to happen now, because Dio died yesterday, according to NPR. Stomach cancer.

  3. Those – solo end signing – triplets at 4:00 – fine!!!
    He uses just those in Spanish Nights too – but sans fait rien!

  4. @MrGogoZec When’s the Rainbow reunion tour we’ve all been waiting for. Seriously… Blackmore and Dio on the same stage… I have an erection just thinking about it.

  5. Candice and Richie work well together……long may they continue to do so. Keep it going…………….

  6. pls leave that end pick up again yours strat pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

  7. Does anybody know where I can find ’16th Century Greensleeves’ from this show? I used to have this on video and I love the version of the song they way they did it on this tour.

    The dark haired girl playing the guitar was hitting some really cool harmony notes during the song and it’s been stuck in my head that way ever since.

    Anyway, if somebody could point my in the direction of it I would by most grateful.

  8. I think Candice has a pretty average and somewhat boring voice. But MAN…Ritchie’s solo in this song is SO. GOOD.

    He’s the master!

  9. Well buckethead is a veeeeery good guitarist, his best album TO ME, is Colma watching the boats, woow amazing song
    but hey this is a blackmore video, and Blackmore is a God,he is malmsteen´s father

  10. Have you given Michael Schenker a listen? He is the original “non shred” guitar virtuoso. Best album he’s been a part of was “Lights Out” from UFO.

  11. Buckethead is much better than all these other guitar shredders!! He has a very good feeling although he also can play very fast and technical stuff, but he doesn´t do that very often.
    Of course Blackmore is unrechable, but Buckethead goes in a similar direction with feeling and he goes his way no matter what people say about. He has much more character than all these “guitar heroes” that no one needs…

  12. No one can deny that buckethead is technically skilled, but anyone with an emotional range greater than that of a spoon can hear the soul in this music.
    Not that Buckethead isn’t dedicated to his music, not at all. This is just different.

  13. Blackmore is brilliant. Buckethead blows and so do you….yourself.

  14. he is not as famous as some other guitarists but only someone who don’t play guitar can ignore the fact that he is among the worlds best. and my personal opinion he is better than hendrix,eddie van halen,page,slash,malmsteen etc and i only rank ritchie higher than him. he is fast, extremely accurate and got superior feeling in his playing, he is a true genius. and he is the nr1 killswitch player in the world.

  15. soothsayer is a good piece but yea there are better once, I like jordan for example alot, buckethead is probably the best in the world on killswitch playing. listen to his Jordan piece, thats some insane talants with the killswitch. also nottingham lace is super good. indeed malmsteen is just shredding but buckethead is super fast but also got the soul in his playing like ritchie does, thus why buckethead is succesful only using his guitar melodies and no vocals.

  16. Until yesterday when I read your comment here I´ve never heard about Buckethead before…
    This guy is incredible and until yesterday I didn´t know a guitarist with feeling like Ritchie. But Buckethead is the only one who gets close to!!
    Forget all these other bullshit shred players like Malmsteen or Petrucci. This guy has really heart and soul in his playing….
    But how can you refer on Soothsayer ?? There´s so much better stuff!!

  17. What the hell?? Is that guy really trying to compare buckethead with Ritchie Blackmore.

    Man, go learn a thing or two about music. Buckethead is NOBODY.

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