Deepak Chopra: The Mystery of Consciousness

Deepak Chopra’s Lecture on The Mystery of Consciousness. This is Deepak’s opening lecture to his Seduction of Spirit retreat. One of the Chopra Center programs where in 5 days participants learn the secrets of meditation, unlock the stillness that rests within your soul, and connect to their inner essence. Deepak’s new book is called The Ultimate Happiness Prescription.

25 thoughts on “Deepak Chopra: The Mystery of Consciousness

  1. @Onaryc59 Because thoughts are in space/time like material things.
    True Conscienceness is not. Like the differenence between
    form and fomless

  2. @DoNotBeHighandMighty Why not be “all thought” and “no awareness” rather than “no thought” and “all awareness”? Why would one be better than the other and why not have both at the same time? I mean, this is clearly all new age gibberish. That’s three questions you have to answer now.

  3. @DoNotBeHighandMighty Did you mean to write “those”? And if those who speak don’t know, excuse me but Chopra speaks a lot. And so do you.

  4. @DoNotBeHighandMighty No, I never said that. Read my comments again. “Science can’t prove it” doesn’t mean “it doesn’t exist”. OF COURSE NOT. But 1) Science HAS proved many things and without that proof we would have been in doubt and 2) “Science can’t prove it” doesn’t mean “it exists” either! And it’s #2 you don’t agree with. To you, scientific proof is not needed. I mean, do you think no scientist has ever tried meditation? They have!

  5. @Onaryc59
    So I am not impressed by your ability to “think.” Anybody can “think.” It is that person who can “Stop thinking” that I am truly impressed with.

  6. @Onaryc59
    And then, when you get a glimpse of it from experience, then it is working on your ability to stay with it. To stay with “no thought.” It is easy to “think.” It is the “not thinking” that is the hard part. Now you don’t disappear when you stop thinking, you are just awareness itself. And it isn’t that you totally stop thinking, you pay attention to the space inbetween thought and the gaps/spaces grow and your ability to stay in “no thought” increases.

  7. @Onaryc59
    One more thing, it is about becoming “more yourself,” instead of the conditioned person who you were “made” to be through circumstances and what you have been taught.

  8. @Onaryc59
    But if you really could care less about it from the beginning, of course you will never learn it, if you don’t “believe” it is possible to percieve this world in a truer way, of course you will not seek it, therefore you won’t find it. That is all.. Have a good day sir.

  9. @Onaryc59
    All I can really say to you is “Been there done that.” And, “Thoughs who know don’t speak, and thoughs who speak don’t know.” Why? Because once you speak or even “think” about it, that isn’t it. So “words” themselves can be misleading. You may even have the thought, “this makes no sense.” Well, it isn’t the “thought” that brings the understanding, it is the space inbetween thought.

  10. @Onaryc59
    Oh really, so you “assume” that “YOU” have experienced all of what can be experienced. That is funny. It is. No offense, it just is.

  11. @Onaryc59
    You have this false belief that, “since I didn’t experience it, therefore it doesn’t exist.” And “Since science doesn’t prove it, it doesn’t exist and is BS.”

  12. @DoNotBeHighandMighty What LOGIC? No logic in what you say, that’s for sure.

  13. @DoNotBeHighandMighty I know you are angry, and not onlu because you curse, but also based on how you express yourself generally.

  14. @DoNotBeHighandMighty Thank you. I’ll take that as a compliment, coming from you.

  15. @DoNotBeHighandMighty You have proved nothing, except you are delusional about what “awareness” brings you. Judging by the way you express yourself, not much.

  16. @DoNotBeHighandMighty Says who? You. And only you. And your exotic ancient philosophies as found in advanced countries like… India. ROTFLMAO

  17. @DoNotBeHighandMighty I won’t say on the internet what I do for a living (I know better than that), but I will just say that English is not my first language and not an official language in my country, and I still spell it better than you do.

  18. @DoNotBeHighandMighty Oh, yeah, if we all stop thinking, we are indeed all equal! But you see, you may have stopped thinking, but I haven’t. That’s the big difference between you and me, obviously.

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