Diagnose and Cure your Diseases With Medical Astrology

Sometimes explaining people what you really are is not easy, the same is with astrology. However, astrology has plenty of wonders to make life better but critics keep on comparing them with science. In reality the truth is that, astrology is the oldest science and based on core scientific term gravitation. Applications of astrology in real are endless and sometimes curtail for life itself. Astrology is not just about prediction of future happenings but an eternal source of solutions as universe. Unlike modern painful and hampering treatments, medical astrology has easy solution for every health problem. Traditionally astrology was used as an aid to medical treatment and it never harmed anyone. In application of medial astrology there is noting to loose except scientific racism but a great deal to gain. Blend of medical progression and astrology can really do wonders in many lives.

Medical astrology is that branch of astrology that deals in health; after all, health is also a pre-determined factor of your destiny. It believes that twelve zodiac signs represent twelve limbs of human body and sun with its planets rules these limbs. The first house rules head and 12th house rules feet. Since the zodiac signs based on five elements that creates life astrologers determine an individual’s nature and personality according to nature of these elements. According to Indian ancient medical procedures, these five elements are responsible for every functionary of human body. Medical astrology says every planet rules a human body through these five elements and their combinations therefore combination of two opposite planets leads to malfunction of human body. As moon is responsible for blood, therefore all blood related problems can be treated through adoration of moon.

Through a detailed observation of your horoscope, an efficient astrologer can detect those planets that are affecting your mental or physical health. Detection of that planet can help in finding the physical element that is responsible for malfunctioning of relevant body part. Apt remedial measures can be done after proper detection of root cause through medical astrology. If someone is not agreed to have treatment then remedial stones are there to help him or her out. People who are treating their health problems with Vedic medical astrology find it very effective.

From top to toe, every part of the body is associated with astrology. Medical astrology is the science that reveals hidden truths about human body and its correlation with universe. Very few people exactly know the wonderful benefits of astrology in improving their health and those who have experienced its incomparable effectiveness are making efforts for informing people about it. It is becoming the proved and invaluable diagnostic tool that is helping sufferers in faster recovery. If you will have a logical look at medical astrology, you will find that astrology is the origin of all sciences and all scientific logics refers to astrological observation. Follow your wits and make decision that you can rely on and definitely medical astrology has justification for every logical disease.

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