9 thoughts on “Echinacea – purple coneflower – herbal medicine remedy

  1. Is there any way you could make a video about how to make an echinacea tincture? I’ve heard many ways (seeds, blooms, 3 year or 7 year root) and I would like to know your thoughts on the subject. Thank you so much for all of your help.

  2. Oh, now I know that echinacea is an antibacterial and elderberry is and antiviral. Thanks Susan.

  3. well, being that autoimmune disorders are because in short your immune system is overactive, you dont want to make that worse..it causes the symptoms to exacerbate. I can take it somewhat, but not for 2 weeks like I used to..it can only be a few days at a time now 🙁

  4. why couldn’t you take it if you have an auto-immune disorder? I would think it would simply help you more.

  5. I am such a fan of this herb and recommend it wholeheartedly…tho now that I have an auto-immune disorder I am unable to take it as much as I would like. (and hence my immune system suffers…catch 22 there..) great info on this!

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