10 Points Checklist For An Effective Astral Projection Session

Astral Projection does not depend on age, caste or your social or religious background. Anyone can practice this art and master it. But just like any skill, it requires discipline, desire and work. How much you will succeed and how fast you can experience this reality depends on what is your level of commitment and how much are you willing to practice.

Here are some general considerations for the kind of conditions that are best for Projection.

1. Before you practice, make sure you go to the bathroom and empty your bladder. You do not want to get sidetracked by such unwanted distractions during your Projection attempts!

2. You will need a quiet room where you will be undisturbed. The room should ideally be free from any distracting background noise. If there are other people in the house, lock yourself in a room so that you can practice undisturbed.

3. Unplug the phone and switch off your mobile phone. There can be nothing worse than being interrupted by the ring of your phone.

4. Try to wear loose clothing so that you can breathe freely. If you have any watch or jewellery on, they may make you feel uncomfortable. Removing them would help you concentrate more.

5. Avoid fried food, meat, or any kind of alcohol for at least 3 hours before the practice. If you can stay without such food the entire day, great! These things tend to hyper-activate your digestive system, and restrict you from proper concentration. Avoid practicing with a full stomach, as your chances of having an OBE will be greatly diminished.

6. Make sure the temperature is comfortable. You will lose body heat during projection, so you may want to cover yourself with a blanket.

7. Try not to project in complete darkness, because you may have an unconscious fear of the dark and the unknown. This may hamper your progress. So its better if the light is soft and dim. Once you are experienced, and more familiar with the Astral world you may very well Project even in the dark.

8. You can practice in any position that you like. You may sit in a comfortable chair, or you may lie down. Whichever position you choose should be comfortable for you. Most people prefer lying down in bed because it’s very natural and makes them feel relaxed.

9. Make sure you are in good health, and feeling physically fit. If you are unwell, you will be restless and you may not be able to Project. If you have cough / cold, avoid practicing because if you sneeze or cough, your meditative state would at once be broken.

10. Finally, deal with all of the worries that occupy you at that moment. If you cannot solve them, then put them aside in an imaginary box. If they worry you too much and you cannot stop thinking about them, then you might as well stop here because you will not relax. You can try on some other day.

All the above conditions are not strictly necessary for Projection, but they are the optimum conditions that are conducive to proper separation of the Astral body from the Physical body.

Practice under these conditions and you will drastically increase your chances of a successful Projection!

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