History Of Chinese Astrology

Chinese astrology is an old art of telling a fortune of a person interpreted by knowing the real date of a person’s birth. It uses charts of the sun and a prominent planet that allows practitioners to make a life chart and horoscope of a person whose fortune is to be determined. It is common with western astrology and the Chinese style is thought to be useful for predicting the potential and character of a person for a successful happy life.

Different forms of ancient astrology have existed since early human civilization along the valleys in China’s mainland. However, some parts of mythology might have existed earlier predating the first human settlements. Archeological findings about 5500 years back suggest that early Chinese rituals and Zodiac were already developed and was already known.

Early myths and history of Chinese show that horoscopes were prepared at Emperor Huang Ti’s court. He was considered to be the first true emperor of China and lived 4500 years ago in the 26th Century. The first written horoscope included 12 zodiac signs which dated from the Shang dynasty written on a tortoise shell.

No one is sure about the development of Chinese astrology and who suggested using animals for the names of the years. However it is known that most of Chinese astrologers 2500 years ago used a 12 year cycle each having the name of an animal and the addition of a major planet which gave a 60 year cycle to the Chinese astrology.

From Chinese mythology, each year is named after a favorable animal such as tiger, rabbit, rat, dragon, snake, buffalo, dog, horse, goat, rooster and boar. They each are considered to have positive and negative qualities. However, the negative qualities are hardly ever considered to be character flaws. Five planets were known to Chinese astronomers that were Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Mars. They were each associated with natural element, metal, fire, wood, earth and water.

No one is certain how the Chinese zodiac signs came to be known after animals although Chinese legends tell many fascinating stories. The oldest origin is probably the one that lies with an ancient Chinese god called Jade King who predates Confucianism or Buddhism. He had been He became so busy creating the earth and its mountains, oceans, magnificent rivers and all animals that he became disillusioned with men who he thought to be disloyal and an awful influence in his creation.

Early writings from Tang dynasty began around 600 AD and shows that there was an existence of an encyclopedia of astrology that defined every part of Chinese astrology giving details for preparing a horoscope according to the principles of Yin and Yang and Feng Shui. At this time, the Chinese astrology was more or less completely known and understood. It had also spread to other parts of Asia, Japan, Vietnam and Korea.

Chinese astrology was largely unknown to the western world till the 17th century when trade with China started. Chinese astrology gained many adherents outside of Asia in the 20th Century. The late 1990s witnessed propagation of books being published on Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology which led many westerners to adopt Chinese traditions in their own lives.


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