My wiccan Yule altar.

I’m showing off my wiccan altar, which is all dolled up for Yule. I sound a bit strange, kinda hypnotised, but I’m all cought up in the moment. At the 21th december (or so), the God is reborn from the Goddess, thus giving the sun’s light and warmth back to the world. Blessed be!

25 thoughts on “My wiccan Yule altar.

  1. Hey… Du er fra BM 😀 Kan genkende navnet… Elsker stadig dit alter 🙂

    Blesses Be )o(

  2. Music from Narnia, it fits very well with the video. Well done! What do Wiccans say? Happy Yule?

  3. Nice flute songs from Mr. Tumus (( sp ))… 🙂 I LOVE that song alot. I love your altar, really creative and not overboard like many I have seen. =) 5/5

  4. Lol, did you make this video after you got back from your Magic the Gathering club? What a goddamn worthless outcast LOSER!

    8===================D – – – – (Wicca)

  5. ah, well, it might be in your interest to be more accepting of others to live a more peacfull life

  6. In the Egyptian Phukket tradition, the NE candle is smoothed down with fresh, rich, SPERM.

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