Secret Quest I (2/3): The Path of the Christian Gnostics Christian Gnostics, such as the Knights Templar and the Cathars of the middle ages, were deemed heretics and faced lethal persecution from the church, which was then at the helm of a powerful empire. Part two of “Secret Quest I” is an expansive and eye opening examination of the repression these Gnostics faced from a religious regime whose theology sanctioned the murder of dissenters. Despite their continued persecution, the Gnostics continued to emerge and strive, as individuals made efforts to seek knowledge and enlightenment. “Secret Quest I” is the first episode in a 3-part series on Christian Gnosticism which has been split into three segments to go on YouTube. To purchase the whole series on DVD, go to Absolute Publishing Press

25 thoughts on “Secret Quest I (2/3): The Path of the Christian Gnostics

  1. @patiatkin i dont think they will be lost , the vatican has a huge secret library with 50 miles of books . they could also be books in etheopia it was a very traditional christian place . the arc of the covanent is supposed to be there .

  2. Freemasons have gathered this knowledge for hundreds of years. Only people who can think for themselves will obtain this hidden knowledge.

  3. So quick question what about Assyrians??? Where do Assyrians stand in your Christian beliefs…we were also divided by Rome…we Assyrians always believed that meditation is evil. Do you meditate??? I have asked this question and get no response when I say I am Assyrian…why is this. I admit that todays bible is different and I understand what Rome did but what about Assyrians Church of the East???

  4. @cosmicRuna
    I get your point, but history is history. Most of the general public has been brainwashed and lack the ability to delineate for themselves. The record needs to be restored. It is not about revenge or anger. It is simply an explaination as to how information is suppressed. This does anger the establishment, but it is the only way to get the truth out.

  5. i thought the templars were orderd to be killed by the king of france when he was in too much dept to the templars

  6. mmmm….I just don’t understand why wasting time on talking about the Catholic Church instead of teaching and moving forward towards life and enlightment. St Anthomy of the Desert was a Christian Gnostic as well as St Francis of Assissi, not mentioning Fray Thomas Merton and Fray Thomas Keating
    Gnosticism can be founf anywhere, in Vedanta, Sufism, etc

  7. Rome and the Pope forced Christianity on so many, and if you didnt convert because they said to, you were put to death. Just like they picked and chose which books to put in the NT. Jesus was a prophet and his divinity was CREATED.
    Even so…his original mesage of enlightenment and growing spiritually should be accepted and believed by all.

  8. I’m half way through this second part…… and I don’t feel nearly alone as I did just a few minutes ago…. Bless you for sharing this video…. this message… a message that gets so awfully suppressed by the machine of what is called religion to all those who blindly see just one aspect of it….. thanks, and God bless

  9. The gnostics have been proven time and time again to be much much older and not authentic with no proof or even anything that pointed to the true writers. Also most of the gnostics go against the majority of the bible and the new testament. So you would be looking at huge contradictions proving the bible not divine or from God..

  10. Murple. I am a Freemason (some say we came from the Templars). Actually, Pope JPthe 2nd in the late 90s openly apologised for the slaughter of the Templar Knights, and revealed that all the charges brought up against them were false. The Catholic church LIED to slaughter the men who threatened the lie they held so dear. Pope Leo the 10th was quoted as saying “This myth of Christ has served us well”. The Paulian version of Christs life….the myth….the lie.

  11. You know what is really scary is this division is STILL Going on, today

  12. its not dualistic.

    its actually about raiseing above dualism, Jesus mentions it alot, can only be done with knowledge, and understanding, yet people still fight over religons, not knowing anything about them.

  13. “Finding God Everywhere” literally means that God is is within us, the kingdom of God is within each and everyone.

  14. A person committing mass-murder does so under the influence of the ego and being brain washed by other ego’s. It has nothing to do with being a follower of Christ. You cannot follow Christ and be a mass-murderer.

  15. How can anyone claim to be a follower of Christ, and then commit mass-murder?

  16. There’s lots of evidence linking the Cathars to the Bogomils, and from them to the Manicheans and earlier Gnostics.

    But the Knights Templar? What do you base your claim of their gnosticism on? What I’ve read mostly says they were accused of heresy for political reasons and not any actual heresy. They were rich and powerful and scared the Church and kings, so excuses were found to get rid of them. Their beliefs were pretty mainstream Catholic from what I’ve read.

  17. It is a good point, though, and I’m sorry people gave it a thumbs down. You attain moksha when that is no longer your goal, when you’re thinking of something more than self-improvement.

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