The Abc Herbal

This book is just crammed full of great information for the herbalist–especially the beginner.   The author, Steven H. Home, has done an excellent job of relaying his adventures with his family and herbal medicine.   It is a little bit different than the average herbal book which normally includes several herbs in an indexed format for this ailment or that remedy.   Mr. Home takes the time to separate the herbs into treatment types and groups and then goes into detail what each group is for and how to substitute one herb for another when budget or availability become deciding factors for treatment.

Included are chapters on healing, building, cleansing, infection, pain relief and emotions.  Included in these chapters are sections on vaccinations, the lymphatic system, the lungs, bruises, injuries, tincture making and so many more.   Step-by-step instructions on how to make decoctions, glycerites and other tinctures are also included.   In only 65 pages, the author includes just about everything the herbalist really needs to know to get started using plants and herbs for health and healing.   It also puts a nice frame around the information the more advanced herbalist has already attained from the more typical herbal books.

I was also quite taken by the overall personality and vision of the author.  Being a man with no letters after his name, one might wonder what makes him qualified to bring this information to the reader.  He begs no acclaim but is a father of several children and urges the responsible herbalist to do his own research and take responsibility for the information gained.  …We have taken responsibility for the health care of our children.  However, we cannot and will not assume the responsibility for the health care of your children…This book is not intended to replace professional assistance.   It is only our way of sharing the knowledge that has richly blessed our family with your family…

The ABC Herbal (Whitman Publications 1-885653-04-2) is a must have in any home where there are people who care about their health and the welfare of their families.  No home library would be complete without it!  A couple of hours and a couple of bucks is such a small investment for such a wonderful book with so much great information.

I am a retired statistical database designer and stay-at-home mom with 3 children. I enjoy learning about the complexities of nutrition and nature with respect for God’s master design. My goal is to uncover the mysteries of optimum health and share them with family, friends and others with similar desires.

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