Which herbs grow best together in the same box?

I am a beginner gardener and have purchases lots of herbs for window boxes including : rosemary, mint, lavender, thyme, chamomile, sweet basil, chocolate mint, chives…and also a smal jalapeƱo plant. I was wondering which herbs would best work together in a window box? are there certain herbs that shouldnt be put together? are there any that should be potted alone? Id appreciate any help! thanks!

2 thoughts on “Which herbs grow best together in the same box?

  1. Most of them will do fine planted together. Try to group them into areas that share equal amounts of water and sunlight preferences. Rosemary is a shrub and should be planted in larger containers. It will produce for several years and makes your deck or patio smell wonderful. Plant cilantro with tomatoes and BOTH will produce more heavily. I don’t know why, but they do. Never plant a “hot” pepper in an area with “sweet” peppers because of cross pollination. This will make banana, bell, and squash peppers as hot as the hot pepper. Not a good thing on pizza or in tossed salads. Chives will do well in a groups by themselves.

  2. The mints, both ordinary and chocolate need to be seperate as they will take over any pot they are in and they prefer shadier conditions than lavender,thyme and the pepper. (They all need full sun to do well) The rosemary needs to be seperate as it will grow fairly large eventually. The rest can all be planted together. Basil is an annual btw, meaning it will only grow for the one season.

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