Money & Spirituality – Do They Mix?

The hoary argument that you cannot have both – spirituality and abundance – continues to proliferate and entangle the minds and experience of many seekers.
As a culture, we constantly deal with the subconscious remnants caused by the conflict between money and spirituality. We have allowed toxic ideas to pervade our unlimited essence like a virus destroying our intrinsic right to wealth and fulfillment.
Ideas such as ‘money is the root of all evil’, that ‘it’s easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven’, and that ‘if you are rich, then you must be either a crook, selfish, or hardened’ abound in the global consciousness poisoning our natural right to wealth.
Additionally, the infamous subconscious impression amongst many spiritual practitioners and seekers, ‘you cannot be spiritual and a servant of the Divine, if you charge for your talent or knowledge’ continues to be the self-imposed prison that forces many spiritual workers to thrash about in a sea of lack.
These are just an infinitesimal sampling of the money-and- spirituality-don’t-mix disease.
Indeed, if one becomes consumed with the pursuit of wealth from the external vantage point, their spiritual unification will be compromised. They may achieve wealth but at the cost of the fulfillment of their divine destiny and at the expense of personal peace.
On the other side, when one pursues spirituality as their premiere directive there is a point at which they will meet a fork in the road. They will be met with the decision to remain singularly dedicated to their personal, individual, self-seeking spiritual pursuits or expand into a place of connection with the greater spiritual community. There’s nothing wrong with either approach.
However, there is a level of responsibility that is arguably unfulfilled. When one’s personal spiritual pursuits yield individual impact and neglects or bypasses the conscientious responsibility of how their personal peace could impact their community or their world, the question of individual self-absorbed importance versus planetary importance remains.
For this reason, it is my belief that it is indeed my responsibility to fulfill a level of prosperity that affords me the capacity to participate and influence the greatest amount of change.
If you were to ask any of the premiere spiritual and evolutionary entrepreneurs, healers, philosophers, and social artists of our time how they feel about money and spirituality, they would agree that the more prosperous a social artist is the more impact they can facilitate.
Mother Teresa renounced her worldly possessions. However, at the same time, she knew the power of prosperity when aligned with an enlightened altruistic cause.
She attracted all the resources and financial contributions necessary to support, feed, and spiritually heal millions.
She did not do this by rejecting prosperity or by condemning those who seek it, but by unifying the Truth of her being as pure potential and therefore both spiritual and rich.
It’s true, there is a fine balance. When one pursuit or the other becomes our primary focus we are not in alignment with our greatest human potential.
Additionally, the law of reciprocity demands that we give in order to receive. There will be no harvest without a period of prepping, planting, and fertilizing.
I believe that this incredible time on the planet is one of profound transformational and evolutionary change. I believe that we are light workers creating a planetary society built on the principles of spiritual peace and universal love.
Therefore, I gratefully embrace that with prosperity I am a force to be reckoned with. Without prosperity, I can only inspire change at the level of consciousness that causes my own lack.
The Kabbalah, in my limited studies, has had a profound impact on my understanding of the Universal Laws. One such transformational idea that has supported my integral understanding of the law of reciprocity is the concept of ‘the bread of shame’.
When we get something for nothing, there is a part of our being that rejects this hand-out. We spiritually and intuitively regret the free offering because we didn’t earn or rightfully deserve it. Additionally, we are not spiritually or physically prepared to manage the offering.
If you’ve ever played a sport, then imagine how nonplussed it would feel to win the game as a result of the other team sitting down on the field just so you could win.
Is this a victory that you’d be excited about? NO! It’s a terribly disappointing victory! A no-effort victory yields no emotional or celebratory excitement. If there’s no competition – why play the game?!
Think also about the troubling statistics of lottery winners and what evidence this supports in relationship to the bread of shame.
“The reality is that 70 percent of all lottery winners will squander away their winnings in a few years,” the Connecticut financial advisers (Michael Begin and Darl LePage) said in a news release. “In the process, they will see family and friendships destroyed and the financial security they hoped for disappear.
Statistics show lottery winners often go bankrupt, get divorced and have family feuds, he said.” – Article: Financial planners: Winning the lottery isn’t always a dream By DEENA WINTER / Lincoln Journal Star, Saturday, Feb 25, 2006
I have given thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of complimentary coaching and courses to students in need. Unfortunately, no matter how much I give away, I’m most often disappointed in the student’s inability to use the information.
When it’s f*ree there’s no skin-in-the-game! When a person doesn’t have any pulling desire to hold themselves accountable, because it didn’t cost them anything to participate, the motivation to actually apply the information is simply not there.
I have been shunned and berated by spiritual seekers not understanding the law of abundance and the law of reciprocity. They want to know how ethical it is for someone to make a living or worse ‘get rich’ by selling information.
The truth is that everything I teach is readily available for free. This is also true for any teacher on the planet. If one wants to know what a teacher knows, all they have to do is their homework and research to find it. One never has to pay for knowledge if they are willing to do the work.
However, just as the bread of shame principle prevents us from rejoicing in an undeserving victory, when we receive the key to free knowledge we seldom, if ever, use it to open the door.
Therefore, I beseech every spiritual worker to honor and acknowledge their Divine inheritance. Step up to the truth that you were born to be unlimited and financially prosperous.
The next time the idea that spirituality doesn’t include prosperity crosses your mind, rebuke the idea! Instead, embrace a higher calling to accept your unlimitedness, embrace not only your Divine Right to financial peace but your inherent responsibility to be prosperous.
The more you have, whether it’s financial abundance or mental, emotional, or physical abundance, the more profound an impact you may facilitate.
You owe it to yourself and your fellow light-workers to be prosperous in all ways.
Here’s an exercise for you! If you notice any idea within this article is creating a negative response within, then take your inkling to your journal right away. Write down any thought that may be causing you resistance or any thought that suggests you can’t have both money and spirituality.
Until one is aware of their limitations, they will be bound by them.
Once you have your limiting beliefs on paper, firmly deny it. Emphatically refuse to tolerate anything that keeps you and your Divine Right to prosperity separate. Affirm the opposite of any limiting belief, now.
If you know EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) then use it now to get rid of any and all negative thoughts about spirituality and money. Use any releasing method that you know to eliminate any and all resentments about people making money in the spiritual market, people making money in general, wanting to get something for nothing, or you earning a living as a light-worker.
Start with yourself, acknowledge any limiting baggage that no longer serves you and be willing to renew your consciousness with the knowledge that Divine prosperity is your birthright.
Allow your inner being to remind you – Abundance is everywhere! There’s more than enough to go around! Claim yours now.

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