December 2009 – [Numerology Number 14] Hello my name is Tania Gabrielle, Celebrity Numerologist and Author. Welcome to my channel and thanks so much for stopping by! If you want to come and learn more about numerology then simply feel Free to Click on the Links below to go directly to my other Sites Come follow me on Twitter Add me as a friend on Facebook: Come read my popular free e-newsletter on how names and numbers influence current events and celebrities’ lives (you get my Free e-book just for signing up!) Number 14 Symbolism, 14 Meaning and Numerology Numerology, meaning and symbolism of the number 14. Numerology Lesson 14 – The Maturity Number Numerology Lesson 14 – The Maturity Number. In this lesson we feature a major element in Numerology called the Maturity Number. This vibration is something … Numbers in Chinese culture – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Number 14 is considered to be one of the unluckiest numbers. Although 14 is usually said in Mandarin as 十四”shí sì,” which sounds like 十死”ten die”, … Numerology Numerology is the metaphysical study of numbers and their harmonics. … Birth Number = 14 (5) He makes friends easily and may have more friends than most. … Search Results YouTube – 2009 Forecast – [How Numerology Number 11 Helps You] 2009 Forecast – [How Numerology Number 11 Helps You] … entire year of 2009 we have the Universal

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  1. The first prelude and fugue to Book I of the Well-Tempered Clavier:
    Remember BACH=14 !!
    There are 549 notes in the prelude and 734 in the fugue and the sum of both is 1283. So what? Well, 1=A; 2=B; 8=H; 3=C ; rearrange the letters and what do you get? Yup! How many notes in the fugal theme: 14 = BACH
    How many entries does this theme have: 24 an indication of how many preludes and fugues are to follow in this book of the Well-Tempered Clavier

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