Sylvia Plath Part 1/11

2003’s biographical story of Poet Sylvia Plath, and her husband Ted Hughes also a poet. Starring Gwyneth Paltrow as Sylvia Plath, Daniel Craig as Ted Hughes. No Copyright Infringement Intended. (18+)

14 thoughts on “Sylvia Plath Part 1/11

  1. @anolta I just bought the DVD last night, and it does say “Dying is like an art, like everything else, I do it exceptionally well.” Which is a much better start to the film than this one, haha.

  2. No it isn’t. It’s the altered Fig Tree Story from The Bell Jar.
    And honestly I cannot imagine that she says “Dying is an art.” on the DVD, since this is an original quote from Lady Lazarus and as far as I know, they weren’t allowed to use original quotes, becase Frieda Hughes was not happy about this movie!

  3. 55hanachan,
    I noticed that difference too! Oh, and that saying is from one of her well known pieces entitled Lady Lazarus.

  4. In the DVD I have, she says something different in the beginning of this film. She says something like “dying is like an art. I exceptionally do well.” I wonder why there are 2 versions.

  5. I saw this film today, in my literature lesson… And I like it!
    Very good film;)

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