Why Astrology? – Star Wisdom And The Psyche

It is human nature to question. A common question is why? So why should we be interested in astrology?I

Knowledge of astrology will change your life! If you take up the study of astrology, you will never be the same. There should be a warning issued to all potential students of astrology, rather like they have a warning on cigarette packets. Warning, astrology is dangerous to those afraid of change and self-understanding.

So what is astrology?

Astrology is the study of the correlation between the celestial and the earthly. The astrological birth-chart marks the beginning of the life of the personality. This chart encapsulates a moment in time which reflects the core purpose of the personality.

When a baby is born and takes its first breath, it has started on its life journey. This taking in of the moment is the most defining point of a persons life. Every subsequent moment is a development and revelation of that initial moment.

The whole of life can be seen as a series of sequences from the first breath to the last. Astrology encapsulates the essence of the journey, using accurate astronomical data to trace the development of life. This is a mapping of the whole of the life journey and the areas of life that will take on significance or added meaning as time goes on.

Astrology is as old as humankind. Ever since we were on the planet we were aware of the sky around us and the seasonal changes of life. Although the art of astrology as it is commonly practiced today in the Western world is arguably quite recent, the observation of cosmic influences and terrestrial change lies at the foundations of all our main civilisations. The making of calendars and the measuring of time, the deriving of portents from the sky and the understanding of the fate of the nation; these all have an astrological basis.

The original study of the psyche was through astrological means. When an astrologer concludes that because a person has certain factors in their birth chart they will have a predisposition to X and Y characteristics, the astrologer is making a psychological assessment of that person. Such assessment is based on specific arrangements or patternings in that persons horoscope.

Astrology is a tool. It is a tool for self-understanding and empowerment. If you don’t know yourself then you are in a state of unknowing, uncertainty and confusion can follow.

Astrology pinpoints the way of natural development, the way of living in accord with the universal processes of which we are all a part. Live in harmony with the universe and you have harmony in your life. So be in accord with the natural cycles of life and you will have a life of relative ease.

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