3 thoughts on “Aromatherapy Frankincense

  1. if 100% pure price deters, get “now” brand, at healthfood stores, blended w/grapeseed oil … the other name it is known by, seen in herb/homeopathic/nutritionals is “boswella”… never use aromatherapy oils NOT purchased at healthfood stores! toxic solvents involved in processing cheap products! dab a drop in top of head (portal) undiluted (palms & soles also) 4 direct bloodstream delivery… love that fragrance&history!

  2. I am Serbian Christian Orthodox and frankincense raisins are burned and used in Churches and in the house in order to get rid of negative influences.

  3. I just bought its 100% pure smells great and very relaxing. I like that she said it increases spiritual awareness, I didnt know that.

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