I was a victim of serious vicious assaults. How do I keep my spirituality in a life sentence of pain?

I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me. I’m a white male. Twice a complete racist stranger snuck up behind me and broke my jaw eleven years apart for no reason and no one paid for the crimes, adding to the fury I feel. After numerous surgeries where the doctors only added to the problem, I am left virtually useless in the working world unable speak or even breathe properly. My jaw feels like it’s in a vice and most of the facial and neck muscles in the left side of my face are useless. I served my country for three years in the military. No medications deal with the nerve damage and I am struggling to keep my spirituality and my sanity. I keep busy as often as I can, but all I feel is anger and resentment for those responsible. I have no respite for the pain and I can’t find a way to find my spiritual self.

6 thoughts on “I was a victim of serious vicious assaults. How do I keep my spirituality in a life sentence of pain?

  1. If you could, transfer your anger into love to help other people. there are many infants, homeless and poors that needs care and love. If you feel you have nothing but pain, try to do things opposite, give your love to others. and it might help to cure your pain, really!!

    Remember, what goes around comes around. God will make his arrangement.

  2. Just always remember that everyone will be judged one day, and those who have hazed you will be judged accordingly…

  3. While my heart goes out for you, I’m also thinking back to my hard times. Never this bad but left with head injury, 6 cracked ribs, one kidney damaged, 3 1/2 months in ICU ward. From a bad MVA in 92. So I do feel all your pain and frustration about the pain & suffering.
    Now about your pain & suffering! Are there charges brought up against the person or persons responsible for your suffering and vicious attack brought upon you?
    Do you have a lawyer, what is he doing for you?
    Are you seeing anyone for your mental pain? And do you have a good loving support group, family or partner?
    My god, how are you holding up (I guess at best as one can in your shape!).
    Can you please tell me where and what country you live in?
    My heart goes out for you. Please keep us posted, maybe some of us would like to help or even get to know you! I would like to just talk if ever want to.
    Take care.

  4. I can relate to living in pain 24/7 because I do also and I hate that anyone has to live with pain all the time. My pain comes from a head on car collision in which I broke my back, sternum, leg, foot, ankle and hand. I was a passenger in the car and it is very ironic that 2 priests were in the car that hit us.`I have been angry, resentful, mad at God and the world for many years, but I have finally begun to find faith and it has helped me tremendously.I had to finally go on long term disability last June. Everything, even the unfair things, happen in our lives for a reason and for us to learn something from. I know that is hard to digest, but as I said it has taken me years to come to this realization.I was in the Air Force when this happened and was medically honorably discharged due to the extent of my injuries. Thank you for serving our country, I’m sure it meant as much to you as it did to me. My wife is also disabled due to failed back surgery and other issues so I am blessed to have her in my life. I thought I would be alone forever, but I truly believe that divine intervention brought us together. I have found that my faith in God has given me the strength and courage to keep living and to try to help others with what happened to me. Hang in there and search for your inner peace through God, or your Higher Power or whatever you may want to call it/Him. The people who did this to you will pay for it one day if they haven’t already in their lives.You have been through many hard times and I pray that you will find peace, faith and purpose in your life. Never give up, life is worth living and we never know what miracles the future may bring. God Bless You, man. I will keep you in my prayers.

  5. you are an example of valour.. you got guts to love yourself and live your life as much as possible (as u said u keep urself busy) but there r some other ppl like you who must have suffered with such or similar cases.. but they might have lost the strength to live again… what i want to tell you… start writing… about you your views and help those others out thr… who might be needing you really hard… believe me.

    whats the way of finding a “spiritual self”? not ignoring, but rather communicating with your higher self. what you asked us… ask yourself… how would you deal with this anger and resentment? you’ll definitely get a constructive answer…

    my answer … start writing about what you feel you must be a reservoir of it… in form of blogs… so that others could read…

    i wish i helped…

    all the best… you can do it..if u think u can…

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