Auras: Do They Really Exist?



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I am so excited to finally be able to publish this article, as it has been quite a bit of information gathering and there is an abundance of side roads that can be taken with this wealth of information. My hope is to stay focused on the topics mentioned above, and as the discussion expands through reader comments and questions, we can explore all those avenues.

To begin with, I’d like to set the mental mood for taking in this information. As independent Homo sapiens, we have the ability of choice. In everything we do we make a choice. For the sake of truly digesting the information in this article, I would ask that all predispositions of “reality” be put aside for a few minutes. As Albert Einstein put it, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

That being said, I’m not here to push any theory or statement on you. We all must look within ourselves for the ring of truth. Let’s get started!

The Aura: Existence?

In the western realm, such as the U.S., the term aura usually is associated with the new age movement. The “New Age” movement conjures up an array of assumptions from many people ranging from a new term for hippies to a politically correct term for occultists or pagans.

The actuality is that the aura is something that pre-dates the church itself. In fact, to even refer to it as a pagan term or thought would inaccurate.

Throughout quite diverse cultures, there are spiritual traditions and beliefs centered on the belief in auras, and as it is spread out all over the Earth, you will find multiple terms for it.

India had spiritual practices, dating back 5,000 years, regarding Prana which when translated from Sanskrit literally means: Vital energy or life principle. Literally, “vital air,” from the root pran, “to breathe.”

The Chinese, dating back 3,000 years called it Qi or Qigong.

The Jewish Kaballah refers to it as Astral Light.

In the 12th century Dr. Ambroise-Auguste Liébeault founder of The Nancy School said, “Humans have an energy that can react on someone else’s energy, either at a distance or close by.”

In the 19th century the German scientist Franze Mesmer redefined hypnosis, techniques which are still used today, and suggested that the “a field similar to an electromagnetic field might exist around the human body.” Later in the 19th century, Carl Reichenback referred to it as the Odic Source. His book, Physico-physiological Researches on the Dynamics of Magnetism, Electricity, Heat, Light, Crystallization, and Chemism, In Their Relation to Vital Force, printed in New York in 1851, stated that the odic force, like poles, attract similar energies. His experiments showed that electropositive elements gave his subjects feelings of warmth, and that this produced unpleasant feelings. In the reverse, electronegative elements produced cool and agreeable feelings.

Just with the above-mentioned instances there are stark contrasts in cultures, geographic location and time periods, yet they ALL have belief systems and practices based around this human energy field (HEF). Also note, that through all of these references, there is not a common source listed for this knowledge. E.g., Christianity spread with the creation of the Catholic Church and the Bible, hence Christianity as a whole spread all over the world from one source.

However, in the above examples this is not the case. The Sanskrit translations of prana had no bearing on the Kabbalah. Yet, this large number of people from all walks of life taught the same basic premise.

Hence the study and belief of auras is nothing new, in fact is far from it. That leads us to the next part of the question. If it’s not new age but instead an ancient teaching, what have modern studies been able to prove about auras?

The Aura: Modern Studies

In 1911 Walter Kilner
devised a way of seeing the HEF or aura. Looking through glass screens stained with dicyanin dye, he saw a glowing mist around the body in three distinct zones:
1. A 1/4 inch layer closest to skin;
2. A more vaporous layer, 1 inch wide, streaming perpendicularly from the body;
3. A delicate exterior luminosity with indefinite contours, about 6 inches wide.

His work was later published in New York in 1965 and entitled The Human Aura, in which he stated that this HEF varied from person to person based on their physical, emotional and mental health. With this information he was able to record commonalities he saw within people who were suffering from certain ailments and in later times was able to diagnose such health issues within people.

He successfully treated many conditions, including epilepsy, liver disease, tumors, appendicitis, and hysteria. Research based on his work continues to this day in Europe.

Perhaps the most well known researcher in this arena is Semyon Kirlian
who invented what is now known as Kirlian photography. By photographing plants, they were able to see static images, which they then applied to human fingers. Then with their own, patented, photography equipment used this technique to see the variances in the HEF, and was able to apply this and point out the differences in the HEF between healthy subjects and those harboring a disease.

By now, if you’re anything like me your head feels a little cramped right about now. Though these past studies are all important I usually like to sum them up very simply by telling myself that past studies laid the groundwork for what we now can see through the current state of our technology. Similar to the difference between cramming my head with all the details of how Henry Ford invented his horseless carriage versus jumping ahead to the current technology.

So let’s take a jump!

Aura: The Science of It

As we learned in school, there is great power in life. Plants must have sunlight in order for proper photosynthesis, which in turn helps produce the very air we are breathing right now. Light can also have a negative effect on us, such as too much UV light, which can cause numerous problems for the human body such as skin cancer.

As stated by “Our most important energy source is light, and the entire spectrum of colours is derived from light. Sunlight, which contains all the wavelengths, consists of the entire electromagnetic spectrum that we depend on to exist on this planet.

Light flows through our eyes and triggers hormone production, which influences our entire complex biochemical system. This biochemical system then affects our being. And light does not travel alone. Light travels with other energies as illustrated below.

We know that each colour found in the visible light spectrum has its own wavelength and its own frequency, which produces a specific energy and has a nutritive effect. We know some rays can be dangerous if we are exposed to them. But the visible light, the rainbow, has a soothing effect on us.”

Based on what we have covered so far there have been multiple examples of people seeing SOME kind of emanation from the human body. There are those that would argue that really doesn’t prove anything. Just because something present doesn’t mean it, there is cohesion between its existence and ours. That’s a very valid point. However even in studies conducted for a completely different purpose, there are interesting facts that clue us in the validity of auras.

Take a small journey back to 1998. The Y2K fear is spreading and a large part of the technological boom is cell phones. Now it would seem everyone is using them. The question was raised whether or not this new technology could potentially harm anyone.

As report by Science Daily Dr. Gerard Hyland conducted a study on the effects of microwave radiation (such as those found in cell phones) on the human body. What did he discover as a by-product of his research?

“This summer Dr Hyland will give two papers at international conferences outlining his research into the phenomenon that biological systems, including the human body, generate and emit extremely low intensity radiation in the form of photons (a microscopic packet of light energy), and that these photon emissions are not random but display coherence.”

They display COHERENCE. Not only does the human body emit light energy, but that energy has coherence.

Let’s go a step further. 😉

Gustave Naessens, a French microbiologist who is still carrying out his research in Canada, through hematology studies has found tiny particles of dancing light present in human blood that were too small to identify. He then invented what he calls a somatascope, a microscope with a magnification of 30,000 times, and a resolution of 150 angstroms.

Through this equipment, he studied these particles, naming them the somatid, and states that without this somatid cell division can’t take place. He believes, “that the somatid is the original spark of life, the pinpoint where energy condenses into matter,” and that the “somatid represents the manifestation of cosmic energy in a tiny, moving dot of physicality,” as printed in A New Answer to Cancer in ‘Well-Being’, September/October, 1993.

What does all this us? Let’s take a quick tally of what we’ve covered. Multiple ancient cultures and belief structures have an array of writings covering the HEF. Researchers in later times developed techniques to view this HEF. Modern science with the aid of technology has learned that these light particles truly at the very fiber of humans, and that this energy has coherence.

Have scientists come right and said we all have auras? No. In addition, I surmise it will yet be some time before any of them make such a statement, if at all. Staunch evolutionists refuse to believe in a higher power, and staunch religious advocates refuse to believe in evolution. This debate will continue yet for a time.

I personally am thankful for these polar opposites, this yin and yang. The very stubborn nature of science to prove, without a doubt, in front of their own very eyes propagates the motivation for humans to re-create something they can’t explain in experiments. This attitude by far can be quite powerful. Why? Because it puts the power of humanity back in the hands of humans.

In the same vain the beliefs that religion instills in people is also helpful. Putting aside the doctrines, dogma and politics that comes with any religion, it teaches people to believe in something more than what they see in the mirror everyday. This based on a “knowing” that is felt, not scientifically proven.

Though they currently are often on different sides of the cosmic conundrum, they each serve a purpose.

My question to you is…what would happen if you could mesh the two together?

If as humans we could accept both creation AND science as part of our core being, letting the two naturally enhance the other, two poles coming together, would that not truly enhance the very essence that is this experiment we call humanity?

Our belief in something more, something we feel, something we know used as a basis and in harmony with the motivation of science to prove and re-create, in my humble opinion, would help all of us.

The possibilities truly are endless. I would invite readers to tell us what you think could be done if the two began working together. If you could use such knowledge to do ANYTHING, what would it be?

In that vein, what if I told you this had already happened? What if I told you that in fact we are a walking experiment, of the combination of science and creation, of science and spirituality?

Well my friend, then you must read the future articles. The upcoming articles on Indigo children will cover this, as well as aura colors and their meaning, and some speculation about aura details of historical figures.

Stay tuned!

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