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  1. @seajist If you truly believe the Federal Government has your best interest in mind and should control you and your families health, then nitrogen being released from a joint during a chiropractic adjustment should be the least of your worries.

  2. @CWChiropractic If you are unable to find the research articles I have spoken about plese let me know and I will start posting some links to get you started.

  3. @lald6103 There are actually numerous peer reviewed double blind research articles on chiropractic care and the many results patients regularly see. If you go to PUBMED.com and start searching you will find numerous published articles. There is a reason that people visit more CAM practitioners every year than regular doctor visits. There is also a reason that Chiropractic Care has always been the most visited of all CAM therapies.

  4. @millrhighlife Great Question!
    When a joint, muscle or structure in the body irritates a nerve or the nervous system, that is callled a ‘Subluxation’. Subluxations are what lead to the body not communicating properly within itself leading to stress or disease. Many times Chiropractors refer to this same phenomenon as ‘interference’ of the nervous system. Since the body is self healing and self regulating this can lead to disease, illness or many other issues.

  5. I noticed you used the word “interference” a lot. I was wondering if you could maybe clarify to me what you mean by that? I’ve watched a lot of these videos and done research on this field of study as I am currently interested in going into it. You are the first chiropractor I’ve heard use the term interference to describe issues. I assume I know what you mean I was just curious as to why you chose that phrase. Thank you for your time.

  6. This why I do not go to woman chiropractor she took several times to get it done and build tesion in back.

  7. @00Billy, I hear skydiving makes you a complete badass. Any truth to this?

  8. I skydive about 400 times per year. The compression on the spine is substantial over time…
    I stretch a lot and exercise, but its cumulative over time.
    Chiro helps when I need it. like now. lol.

  9. @yoonweijie2
    If you were to arm wrestle her, who do you think would win? 😉

  10. Yeah.. Because it requires quite a large amount of energy and strength for a precise adjustment.. Look at her arm muscles man!

  11. Hm. That’s different. Not being sexist, It’s just odd for me to see a woman chiropractor, because all the chiropractors where I go are male, and most of the online vids are too. Just odd xD

  12. Her arms are a great advocate of sharp eccentric contraction and isomentric contraction giving good tone and definition to skeletal muscle. That’s the main thing i learnt from this video.

  13. Just as a added note, there are over 200+ recognized chiropractic techniques in existence, although currently there are probably 15-20 techniques being used that represent 95% of chiropractic adjustments.

  14. HeretoComment76,

    I personally am not familiar with the Chrane Condylar Lift technique. I do work with the Occiput and Atlas on a regular basis which that technique is most likely doing as well. It sounds like your chiropractor is very familiar with the technique, uses it regularly and it is getting you results. All great things, so I would argue that that technique is very efficient for you and you should continue with care based on your chiropractors recommendations.

  15. I’m glad your wife is better, but the great results she experienced unfortunately have not been reflected in randomized, controlled trials of chiropractic. Conventional medicine is “evidence-based”, in that before a treatment is put onto the market, it must withstand the scrutiny of a clinical trial to prove that it is effective and safe. Chiropractors cannot produce such evidence for most of the conditions they purport to treat.

  16. Whether or not chiropractic works is not even a question. Everyone knows that chiropractors at least relieve physical stress and that stress causes problems.

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