Christians, how do you implement pagan heritage into your daily lives?

I hope you know that months, days and planets are named after pagan gods.
The months are named after Roman gods and rulers. January comes from Alexander Janneaus, July – Julius Caesar, August – Caesar Augustus. The days of the week are named for pagans gods, Monday – the Moon god, Sunday – the worship of the sun god, Thor is the god associated with Thursday, Freya with Friday, not Jesusday and Paulday.
CHristians , We are commanded not to speak of the names of idols and false gods.

8 thoughts on “Christians, how do you implement pagan heritage into your daily lives?

  1. I suppose it should be neopagan era and the youngsters thinks it kind of cool.

  2. And Jesus isn’t the name of the son of God. It’s actually based off of the name “Zeus”. His true hebrew name was Yeshua.

    We are not commanded to not speak the names of idols and false gods, we are commanded to not worship them. If saying one’s name is worship, then “Jesus” himself commited a sin by saying “Satan”.

    Though you are correct about where the month’s, day’s and planet’s names came from.

  3. What about Fricka? I like Fricka.

    I am fully aware of the days and planets and such being named after dieties. Lucky me, I believe that all dieties are just different facets of the same diety. Like a god diamond. ^.~

    A name is a name is a name is a name.

  4. I don’t am not fearful about where pagan symbolism or names of months… may come from a pagan source.

    In the New Testament that is where we (from all peoples of the world) find freedom in Christ Jesus. We aren’t under the law of sin & death. We are under Grace of God.

    Jesus told us that the Old Testament law & prophecies were a shadow or for shadowing of the things fulfilled in Christ. They were black & white in the covenant between Yahweh & the children of Israel.
    Jesus came, born out of Israel, to show the way to the rest of us, pagans or not, to be restored to God, through faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God.

    And please find me a verse where Jesus condemns us if we say or accidentally say the name of an idol or false gods.

    Yahweh Elohim is One Yahweh. El Shadai. Yahweh El Elyon. Yahweh Yeshua Messiah
    So? This is my God Who I worship.

  5. Beyond that, the months are also pagan after the Jews incorporated their Babylonian names into their calendar
    birth days and birthstones
    looking to religious leaders; political leaders to supply your needs
    church rituals and man made traditions; the list goes on

  6. And then of course there are the pagan traditions of Christmas, Easter, and Halloween which we all (or Americans anyway) celebrate yearly. They have all lost their pagan significance though, just as the days of the week and the planets are no longer associated with paganism to most people.

    I’m curious, what is the reference for the Biblical passage that commands not to speak the names of idols and false gods? If there is such a reference, I believe the point would have to do with either swearing on those gods or otherwise indicating belief in such deities. Speaking the names of the week (which are only derivatives anyway) does not in any way conjure up thoughts of pagan gods to most people. Besides, we can’t deny that all or most of the world has a pagan heritage and it would be silly to do so. Based on my readings of the Bible, I don’t think God is concerned with ancient pagan names that have lost their meaning – particularly since His name has not in any way been forgotten as the others have.

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