Use Therapeutic Dog Massage to Help Your Pet

If you have been of the opinion that massage is only for people then you are wrong. You can use therapeutic dog massage to improve the life of your pet. Although the best way to use therapeutic dog massage is through the services of a professional, you may as well do some aspects by yourself. The massage for dogs that you conduct at home should be fairly light.

You can use therapeutic dog massage irrespective of the age of your pet. However, older dogs benefit a great deal from a good rub-down since they take relatively less exercises.

Here are some of the ways through which the use of therapeutic dog massage will help your pet.

Relieving stress

Dogs are pretty emotional creatures. Just think of the way a dog will welcome its master with great joy. If they can experience such heights of happiness, it also means that they can feel a great sense of sadness and loneliness. A dog can try to hold back these emotions until it becomes very stressed. 

You can use therapeutic dog massage to help your canine friend overcome its stress. Dogs generally love to be touched, and a massage will fulfill this inherent need.

Enhancing emotional stability

Puppies that are not given loving touches are often very emotionally unstable. Even their physical development can be hampered significantly.

Through the use of therapeutic dog massage, you can help your dog to regain or improve its emotional stability. This in turn results in a better-behaved dog.

Strengthening the bond between dog and master

When you use therapeutic dog massage, you will essentially be giving your dog loving touches. A dog that feels loved becomes more trusting to its owner.

Physiological benefits

When you massage your dog, the lymphatic and blood circulation systems will function better. This ensures that essential nutrients reach even the furthest parts of the body. The metabolic rate is also enhanced.

When you use therapeutic dog massage, you will also strengthen your dog’s muscular system. At the same time, the muscles become suppler.

When you use therapeutic dog massage, your pet will be able to have a more relaxed and consistent breathing. Dogs that rarely exercise tend to develop respiratory complications. What they consume turns into fat, yet their metabolic rates are so low that they cannot burn the fat. The build-up of fat will block arteries, resulting in joint and heart complications.

A dog massage will help a dog to be in a better position to exercise, which will in turn enhance its health in these areas. This is especially important for dogs whose lifestyles have been largely sedentary.

It is fairly easy to understand how to use therapeutic dog massage. There are more benefits in administering the massage yourself than using an expert. For one, you will be able to bond with your pet. In addition, studies have shown that the use of therapeutic dog massage also helps the person administering it. You will not only be relaxed but also think more positively.

Finally, dog massage can be done at home by YOU. The benefits of dog massage are plenty. Your dog will love it! Learn professional dog massage techniques in less than 60 minutes through simple do-it-yourself video coaching system by visiting massage for dogs or

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