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  1. Right on!! Thanks papastoner….I can’t wait to try it!! I’m making other herbal tinctures…so why not eh…..

  2. if anything you should keep the green cold in the freezer prior to making a tincture.

  3. I’ve heard some say that the weed needs to be heated before adding it to alcohol to activate all the THC. Is it an unnecessary step?

  4. @stylios2008
    We haven’t tried everclear yet,
    but have heard it goes quicker.

  5. I used everclear, and it seems to be rendering very quickly. In 2 hours more than half is gone…should i still wait 24 hours? can I render for less time?

  6. @LuvitHeart
    sounds like it was sediment in the
    bottom of your tincture-would
    probably be gross tasting. Yes you could
    use hash to make tincture, but you
    wouldn’t need as much.

  7. Greetings papastoner, Thanks for the video’s.. Wish there were more.. My tincture has something in the bottom that looks like hash. I strained it 7 times. Should I get rid of this or is it o.k…. I also wanted to know if I could use hash and would the process be the same. Thanks

  8. You could just half the recipe, but it takes the same amount of time.

  9. can you tell me how to make small amounts and does it take a shorter period of time

  10. I broke both my feet. The Dr gave me percocet, I didn’t like it. A friend from LA sent me some OG Kush Formula 100% alcohol free Glycerine Tincture. 4 drops under my tounge and I’m pain free for 8 hrs. This stuff is magic! Thanks for the vid, I’m going to try making my own now.

  11. you need to keep it in the jar for 30 days. If you don’t have a problem drinking alcohol then you could just strain it but there is no cannabis odor when you render it, it is more of an alcohol odor.

  12. in your “tincture how to” video, which was simple and informative (Thx!), I don’t know how long to keep the cannabis in the dark jar with the alcohol. I know I should shake it up daily but for how many days? Also, I don’t have the luxury of being able to render the stuff, the smell will give me away, so is it ok if it is not rendered?

  13. We just use any 100 proof vodka-no particular brand is necessary. Some people use everclear instead of vodka too. We use the tincture to help with insomnia mostly. Just put a drop or two under your tongue.

  14. Hi there Papastoner, nice vids, i was just wondering, you mention the vodka to be 100% proof, could you please advise some exaple makes and what vodka you use?

  15. No, we haven’t heard about it. Papa stoner’s opinion is that if your marijuana has grown to full maturity before harvest and it is cured properly there wold be no need to heat it before making the tincture. Everyone does it differently-if you try it an it works better-let us know!

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