astral projection – cosmic ascension

astral projection – cosmic ascension and tibet photos by members of the tolstoy expedition of 1942-43. from

25 thoughts on “astral projection – cosmic ascension

  1. wow this is amazing. just completely gets under my skin.
    with such music words are not needed, this speaks more than enough

  2. LEARN HOW TO ASTRAL PROJECT ~ look up Dero 7 for advanced methods!! good luck ! and Much light and Love !!

  3. hey im watching your videos half an hour here, and i like this stuff about astral projection, but i dnot know where to start??? can you help me by giving me some more information? or literature?

  4. The winning ticket is the prize but cashing it in is a disintegration of an agreed on potential. Keep the ticket,its priceless.beware of glory-stealing slimeballs. Like 2 tickets to paradise,even if you have only one pretends its a winner and get layed at least. lol buddha says yeah i guess so and drank more klingon tea. He died,but you know this. Some of us know who made the tea and others just passed on the recipe. How dare you feel safe in the face of a new world order. Just thought i’d ask..

  5. Doof, Hallucinogen, man with no name, chakra, mfg, psychaos, total eclipse, jaia, miranda, the infinity project, power source, talamasca, cosmosis, and prana are my favorites. 1995-98 are “gold” as they say. i don’t know if those are the exact years, but i only like Goa from that period. I’ve heard Goa Trance represents freedom.

    Some noob info from a year-and-a-half listener 🙂

  6. beautiful photos!!!! spent several years in nepal and tibet, oh things have changed many thanks to the chinese!!! but hey, they,ve got nukes and money so what the f***??!!

  7. onlyjust discovered this goa trance stuff.are there any others about i should listen to? i loveit.

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