Has anyone found anything that helps soft tissue injury?

I have tried almost everything: Chiropractic, physical therapy, stretching, yoga, massages. These things have helped dull the pain for a short time period (2-3 days) but then they come right back. Anything you have tried that has helped? Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Has anyone found anything that helps soft tissue injury?

  1. First of all if you have tried all of these things and they each gave several days of help you have something more serious going on. Look at the following site for some suggestions:

    A pain that doesn’t do away deserves to be looked at by a doctor to find out what is actually injured.pp

  2. Unless you treat the source of the pain, of course it’s going to keep coming back. A massage might loosen the muscles and release the trigger points, but if you leave the massage table and adopt the poor posture and bad ergonomics that brought the problem on in the first place, then yes, it’s going to come right back. If your engine is leaking oil, you can hardly expect that adding more is going to fix the problem permanently – you need to find out where the leak is happening and fix it.

    Depending on what exactly is going on, it might be a case of needing ongoing maintenance. If it’s a structural deformity like scoliosis, flat feet, or knocked knees that’s the source of the problem, as an adult these things will probably not go totally away and need to be managed regularly. But if it’s a case of using your body poorly – bending over to lift heavy objects, using poor posture, holding a phone with your shoulder, etc., then you can change your habits and help the problem dramatically. Even fixable problems are going to take time to undo. You can’t expect lasting results from one or two sessions. You didn’t do this to yourself in 2-3 days, it’s not going to go away in that length of time, either.

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